Carbon fiber variations

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by NIrodneck, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Have not posted much in awhile. I ahve been very busy between the "real" job,grandkids, rodbuilding and handle making. Here are som pics of a few different things going on.
    1. the top and bottom ones called mybrids, I can paint the foam core underneath and have that show through to the handle. I can match guide wraps, reel seat colors, team colors etc. The middle one is a CFR handle with burl/cork ends and pink hybrid sleeving and on of Ron's (Goduster) Lemke special order pink seats.
    2.This is the Mybrid again in red and black with a red/black/acrylic seat.
    3. Mybrid green/silver
    4.Carbon fiber ends with burlcork and birch/walnut elliptical
    5. Carbon fibers with burl cork ends
  2. As always Looking sharp & Stunning work
  3. Thanks Matt. The one green one is with your marbled reel seat you sent me.
  4. Super cool stuff!
  5. Haa good stuff Mr Carbon Fiber :)
    I didn't even notice it.... I just skimmed past it and thinking it was an acrylic insert. Glad you found a good use for it and I do have to say I LOVE THE BLACK AND RED!!!
  6. Nice work

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