Carbon Pinks Last Night on 6 wt

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Greg Price, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. I had a blast last night.

    7 pinks on a 6 wt in 1.5 hours. Of the 7, only 2 were brought to hand for C&R, the rest spit the hook or broke the line.

    I was using a nymphing floating line with a trout sink tip. Problem was, the sink tip mono was lighter than the 10 lb line I used for a leader, so I broke the sink tip loop twice.

    I was fishing walking speed water knee to belly deep. Started by roll casting straight out, mending, then swinging. Found I was hanging up on the bottom with this method, so I started casting at approx 10 position and the sink tip did it's majic swinging the fly right in front of the fish.

    10 lb straight Stren leader, no fancy tapered lines. Gamakatsu brand #2 Octopus hook, Purple yarn enhanced with Smelly Jelly paste shrimp/anise did the trick.

    The 6 wt handled the small pinks well - I was surprised.

    This was the first time hooking salmon on a 6wt. I love casting the lighter rod. I have an 8wt, but it is not as much fun to fish because it makes my elbow ache.
  2. Aren't the pinks well past the point of wanting to fish for there? The ones up this way are all but dead.
  3. If you're breaking mid-October pinks off with 10 pound stren (regardless of what size rod you're using), I think there's a pretty good chance they weren't hooked in the mouth - but at least you were horsing them in, which is better than playing them for 30 minutes. I know sometimes foul-hooking pinks can be inevitable, but it sounds like you might have been flossing. Especially if you're using a sink-tip with a neutral buoyancy "fly."

    *Squirt squirt* - enhance! - *squirt squirt* - enhance! - *squirt squirt* - enhance! Might be the first time 'smelly jelly' has been mentioned on this board.

    Doesn't really sound like it if you're breaking 4 pound pinks off with 10 pound mono.
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  4. I smell troll.
    *heating up my popcorn*
  5. Touche
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  6. Smelly jelly.... damn, I knew I was leaving something important out of my salmon season recap.
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  7. Smelly jelly??? ! Hell, I don't even know what a spinning rod is!!!
  8. Evan - Yes, there are some nasty pinks hanging out in the slower water, the two I brought to hand were bright and put up a good fight. The key is to find suitable water - walking speed or a little faster. The silvers have slowed way down. Pinks are saving a few outing from turning into "skunks".

    Cruiz, Smelly Jelly I use is a paste, but you can get it in a liquid. So no "squirt", just a dip will do you. As for foul hooking/flossing, yes it happens but is not the goal. As for breaking off, I was using an old trout sink tip with mono that was smaller diameter than the 10 lb leader. The old light line broke when I tried palming the fish to keep them out of the fast current.

    Mr Dry Fly, you should come over to the wet side and experience smelly jelly and a bait caster (look it up on a bass fishing sight, maybe just google "tangle"). You might be surprised at the technical difficulty and fun you can have chasing moody fish that are returning from the ocean.

    It is amazing to me how many of us fly fishers can be seen as "snobs". Just this morning a bait caster guy told me in all seriousness that "all fly fishers are assholes" (as I am holding my fly rod). I understand his viewpoint. Before I started fly fishing, I had a few encounters with the "snob" steelhead fly fishers on public rivers acting like they owned the river. It gave me a bad taste in my mouth. But at some point I decided to give fly fishing a try as the next progression in angling. That was the mid 90's. After learning to fly fish for trout, I gave up chasing ocean going fish on gear. Just this year re-discovered my love of drift fishing, so I sit in both camps. Both kinds of fishing have technical challenges . I have been privileged to meet and fish with helpful, positive anglers in both camps. I choose not to act or be seen as that "snobby asshole" fly fishermen. I go out of my way to be friendly and interested in the other anglers on our rivers. It is my way of learning from them.

    Me? Angler, Fly Fisher & Gear Fisherman - Yes Snob-No
    How about You?
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  9. Certainly no looking down my nose at gear fishing here. I enjoy catching fish on the fly rod more than anything, but I spent time in the salt chasing salmon. With gear again this year and enjoyed it immensely.

    But, ya gotta keep in mind this is a fly fishing forum, so posting up a report where you are fishing for what is often considered one of the "easier" fish to catch on the fly by adding smelly jelly, well, you may just end up with some smart assed replies.

    Nobody means any harm....but when so many guys here have caught hundreds of pinks on the fly, and then read a report involving smelly jelly and yarn, well it's pretty easy for the mind to start making assumptions.

    As long as its legal and you're having fun, I say go for it. Just don't be surprised when you post about it on the fly forum and aren't completely received with open arms by all members.
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  10. Word. I had a few 50+ fish days on the Skykomish this run back at the beginning of September. All on flies, sans jelly.

    And I fish non-fly fishing methods a good percentage of my time out. Pinks... that's the time to get out and get a lot of fish on a good ol fashioned fly strip.
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  11. Exactly. The only question that really comes to mind when I read that someone put smelly jelly on their fly to catch pinks is..... "Why?"

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  12. Nick,

    50+ is great. I bet your arm ached. Good for you.

    Have you been out recently? Get any silvers? It has been a couple of weeks since I hooked a silver.

    I put smelly jelly on to try to get lock jawed fish to bite and hopefully reduce the foul hooked fish.
  13. pinks will hit your fly line why smelly jelly again?
  14. Greg, no 50+ days for me this year. Hell, none for me ever when it comes to salmon. I live on the west side of the sound and we just don't see the numbers of pinks over here it seems. Plus, to be honest, I don't target them a whole lot. I caught a few this year on the beach by accident, and a ton out in my boat up in Sekiu, but thats about it. I kept meaning to drag my boat up to Whidbey or something and see if I could get into big numbers of them for a day, but I just couldn't tear myself away from the silvers long enough.

    I was out for probably my last time on the beach for silvers on Monday. I picked up one 4 lb or so fish to cap off my season. The week before was one of my best weeks of the whole season.

    Seriously man, I'm not trying to come down on you at all. Like I mentioned earlier, if it's legal I really couldn't care less how you choose to fish. I'm just trying to get the point across that you shouldn't be super surprised if a report involving smelly jelly isn't terribly well received on the fly fishing forum. That's all.

  15. To each his own.
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  16. smelly jelly, guess someone needs to learn how to fly fish or even gear fish, but what do I know, I am old and don't know any better. oh well, what ever turns you on and if it's legal then go for it. my 2c's worth for what's it worth which means nothing.
  17. Smell Jelly, Snake oil, Shrimp oil, I think I tried it all when I was a gear head. When I started fishing with just flies I gave all of that shit up. Now it's just an old man and his flies.
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  18. Ah yes, the always soothing and open minded attitude of OMJ. He always embraces things non fly fishing related with open arms

  19. Nick,

    Sounds like you have had an enjoyable season. Good for you. Are you putting your fly rod away until what, steelhead season next month?

    I will be fly fishing Rocky Ford soon. I fish it Fall, Winter and Spring but fish other areas during the summer. Winter, frozen guides, preferably snow on the ground is my favorite season at RF (and no, I do not use Smelly Jelly at RF).

    Old Man,

    I, like you gave up the smelly jelly when fly fishing (for trout) took over my life over 15 years ago.

    I live 10 min from 2 drift fishing sights, so I started drift fishing recently and found I still enjoy feeling the weight tick tick ticking the bottom, then pausing. Pinks do not fight like a steel head, but they are fish on the end of the line.

    My first day out drift fishing this season yielded 3 pinks in my first 10 casts. The Pinks were were much larger than I am accustomed to catching. Local anglers explained to me those large Sept fish were "4 salts". The number and size of pinks has gone down in October and it is assumed these fish are "2 salts".

    The tug is the drug, whether on gear or fly rods. I am fortunate to live where I can be knee deep river fly or drift fishing within 15 min of my home. I have taken to gear fishing in the morning and fly fishing in the evening.
  20. 4 salt pinks? I now understand the nature of this thread.
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