"Carp" Diem

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mike Etgen, Jul 20, 2003.

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    I am pleased to reoprt that an individual who posts here as "wrench" made good on a threat to introduce me to flyfishing for carp.

    We escaped the 100 degree plus weather in the Tri-Cities for the five degrees of relief afforded next to the Columbia in Plymouth. The water we waded, especially later in the day, was a cool bonus.

    I hooked but lost my only carp, but sure got a taste for the ride they take when hooked. My gracious guide hooked six and landed three.:thumb

    On top of that, wrench is just a down-to-earth gentleman who made great company on a long day of fishing (about seven hours out there in that relentless heat). This was a first for me - hooking up with someone I've met here - and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. And I've learned that all those carp I see when bass fishing are good for something besides stirring up the bottom. They're wily and tough and well worth the time for anyone willing to make them a target.

    Thanks, wrench, for a great time. And thanks for letting Maggie Sue sit on my lap! :D

    Hope we get to do it again sometime...

  2. "Carp" Diem

    Chris...anyone...is there a way to straighten out the title of this post? It should read "Carp" Diem!

    Hi Mike. Within the thread you'll always see quotes around the title added by the forum. Those quotes do not show on the threads listings in the fly fishing forum topic listing area or the front page. This issue isn't really high on my list of items to look at but it will be addressed at some point. ~Chris
  3. Mike,
    The good time was mutual!! You are a real sport to put up with all my brush beating explorations + the HEAT. That last flat we found was perfect.....can't wait to go back. A bit bummed that you are leaving the area, but we will figure something out I am sure. The dog got covered in ticks, did you???
  4. "Carp" Diem


    Poor Maggie Sue...sorry to hear she brought home some unwanted passengers, but not surprised.
    Actually, I did find one - already dug into my inner thigh just above my shorts line. Maybe one more reason to wear something more sun-resistant next time.
    (And there WILL be a next time. I figure I'm going to be here a while yet...)
    Thanks again - I'd be pleased if you had HALF as good a time as I did.

    Mike :thumb

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