Carp Report

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by SpeyrodMike, Jun 27, 2006.

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    It was a frustrating night going after carp. I went out from about 7-8pm to try my luck for some big carp in a canal. There was tons of carp swimming around but were very skiddish and not very willing to bite. In this canal where i was fishing there were tons of carp swimming around but they just weren't interested in anything i had to offer. And believe me i tried just about every trick in the book. There were not very many carp under 18 inches and there were plenty of hogs that could easily be pushing ten pounds. If you could just get them to bite you could have one heck of a day because there isn't a shortage of carp.
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    Where was this canal? I am trying to catch a carp on a fly, I live in the Puyallup area.
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    I am trying to catch a carp on a fly
    why? Caught one by accident once and my net still stinks! Nasty, worthless trash fish...