Carp: What am I missing?

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  1. Salt dog,
    I used to have a big aquarium with some 5 to6" goldfish when I was a kid, just about anything tied on a #20 will work fine. Caught those suckers (pun intended) over and over again. No chumming required.
    Carp, aint much else like em. No other fish around here to stalk, sight fish in shallow water. Few other fish that are gonna run you into your backing consistantly. Some of you are associating carp with tepid, muddy, slimmy weedy sloughs, and they are there, but they are also in clear, cool, firm bottomed, beautiful water.
    One of my favorite things to do.
  2. Are you sure about that? The Europeans I know all have a huge love of trout and salmon.....some are crazier about them than we are. One of my buds lives near a private chalkstream near Stonehenge and the annual rod fees per person could put you in a brand new SUV every year.....I know carp are hugely popular in Europe but so are trout.....big time!!
  3. Okay. This carp thing has finally piqued my interest. I had seen them fished for in Germany by some of the local "Jagermeisters" and know of the reverence they are held in by the Asians. I've watched them thrashing the shallows along the Columbia as I was chasing bass along the sloughs. I will be in Yakima during the week of 13-18 Sep this year for my annual fly trip. Are there any opprtunities find this beast around that area? My major purpose of this years trip is to attempt some new species on the fly and would like to add this one to the list. Feel free to PM me to retain confidentiality. Also, I'm told that Channel cats will take a fly?
    tight lines
  4. I think channel cats will take doughball flies, stinkbait flies, and beef liver flies, fished on the bottom with little or no movement...The only question is, where can you get a nice rod holder to stick your rod in the sand without getting sand in the reel while you drink beer?

    Seriously, I've never heard of that. Anyone else? My interest is piqued.
  5. I've heard of channel cats taking buggers and even poppers when people target bass. I think going after them with flies would take a body of water with a lot of cats and favorable temps . . .just my hunch.

  6. Yes, there are carp on the lower Yakima. Depending on water levels, the delta where the Yakima meets the Columbia can be filled with fish. There is lots of bank access and a couple of boat launches in the delta, plus two WDFW access launches above West Richland.

    When researching for an article on fly fishing for carp, I asked carp fishers to reveal their favorite pattern-the answers ranged from #16 rubber-legged hare's ears to #2-6xl long BananaRama's and everything inbetween.

    Best reference book currently available is "Carp on the Fly" by Brad Befus, et al.

    As for channel cats, you can catch them in the lower Yakima as well. I've caught them up to 10 pounds in riffles and slow water, while targeting smallmouth. Yellow was the color last year, they preferred white this year. Even had one jump...go figure.
  7. I'm going to stay in the closet on this one. Too big of an ego to admit it to the public. :thumb:
  8. When I lived along the Yakima by Richland got cats on flies quite a bit. Riffles best, something like a bugger, make sure it gets down. The stink bait crowd seems to think cats only hang out in slow water, not true, they love shallow rocky riffles.
  9. Especially after a rain shower when they go on complete attack mode, tumble something along the bottom of riffles, cats will pounce on it, and are very good fighters.

    Skin 'em with pliers, discard the belly where 95% of the heavy metals accumulate, and fry them up served with hush puppies and copious amounts of beer and smile. :beer1:

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