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  1. So is it cheating. Catching carp with a flyrod and bait(Corn)
    Been fishing for them and they fight pretty good and are a lot of fun but they are a stinky nasty fish

    Adam[/ATTACH] image.jpg image.jpg
  2. No need to cheat, a corn fly or a simple nymph will do the job as well! nice fish!
  3. looks like you're gonna smoke 'em or something
  4. The stinky, nastiness can be minimized by handling them differently.
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  5. Mmmmm, crap burgers.
  6. I threw them on shore to let all the kids play with them
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  7. I came across this a while back and gotta say it sounds kinda fun.

    Why in the hell you would needlessly kill them, and then throw them on the bank, or in a park somewhere to rot and stink escapes me.
  8. Really. Isn't that illegal.
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  9. Brilliant
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  10. Your name on these boards and your treatment of those "trash" fish is so incredibly ironic I can't even believe it.
  11. No. Ran across a few wardens who just asked us to sink them and said thanks for eliminating a few. Have shot thousands of pounds of them with a bow in tournaments. The tournament fish were given to crawdad farmers though.
    Awesome man, I love to chase carp on the fly. No need for corn though. I could see why with the kids involved though. Next time just kill them and pop the swim bladder with a knife and sink to the bottom out in the middle of the lake, the other fish and crawdads will thank you.
  12. I think it's only "gamefish".. not sure about "foodfish".
  13. Here is the rule:
    WAC 220-56-140:
    It shall be unlawful to take, fish for or possess food fish or shellfish taken for personal use with the intent of wasting or destroying such food fish or shellfish.

    A person could easily argue that carp are NOT a "food fish". I had this exact discussion with 2 wardens and they laughed at the thought of someone considering them food fish.
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  14. Is the killing of carp really being discussed here?

    Doesn't the Fish and Game Department spend thousands of dollars eradicating these fish? :rolleyes:
  15. People are are stupid. They are a trash fish. I want to laugh when
    People get all up set with killing a carp or two. Ya you can bow fish for them. No difference. Lots of people kill them. Lobe lake there are carl and they dont want them in there anymore. They want you to kill them
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  16. Your a fucking idiot. Next time I catch one I will bring it over so you can eat it. Dumbass......
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  17. They are a trash fish and they want you to kill them. Lots in the snake river and moses lake
  18. For
  19. I view carp as incredibly-challenging & hard-fighting fly-fishing quarry. Personally, I don't kill them but if that were my intent I'd do just that: kill them quickly & cleanly. Then I'd either find some beneficial use for the remains or dispose of the carcasses in an ethical manner, not toss them ashore to suffer or provide entertainment for my kids. I've always preferred to teach positive lessons.
  20. Also cut one up for Cawfish bait too.....
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