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    i went to the carp flat i frequent and this time the water was very clear as opposed to the dirty water that was there the week before.

    when we got there around 4 pm there were tons of fish all around tailing. we each hooked up into a couple the first 5 min we were there. after that all the carp seemed to dissapear. it was weird, idk if they all got spooked because of the water clarity or if they just decide to move to deeper water later in the day.

    it seems easier for me to fish for them in the dirtier water because they will pretty much swim right up to you before spooking, as opposed to spooking about 10 yards away.
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    Yes i have read that article and i tried using some of those tactics and it just didn't seem to work. I'm positive that this pond doesn't clear up because it's connected through a canal to lake Tapps. It's great carp water though. There are reed begs all along the banks and even in the middle of the lake. I guess i'll have to experiment with some things to see if i can draw those carp up from the bottom.
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    Latest issue of NW FF near the end has a recipe for a fly named "Carp Candy" I couldn't grab an issue but it looked great and could be tied with other colors that have been found to be more productive (i.e. yellow).

    I'm near the snake and can't get to a lot of rivers this summer so I can't wait to start targeting this elusive species.

    A. Banks