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  1. Do you say "recently over" because Sprague Lake was rehabbed this fall? Did it already occur?
  2. When we were kids, we used to jump off of a 50ft. railroad tressel into this lake that had lots of carp in it. On hot days they would sun themselves just under the surface below the tressel so we would line them up like bombadiers and jump onto their heads.

    Great fun........just don't hit the carp with anything else but your shoes. :beer2:
  3. I tell ya if you hate the northern yellow squaw fish....go to the snake or above the Dalles on the Columbia.....both still offer money by the pound for squaws. They decimate salmon runs...and the dams have programs to grind them up and sell them as organic fertilizer...I have made a few hundred dollars for a day of fighting giant squas and you contribute to the local farmer and health of the river in the process.

  4. That fish in the photo in my post was freshly killed via state sponsored chemical warfare.
  5. Northern pike minnow - not the same thing as a northern pike??? Maybe I haven't been eating my wheaties lately. I never weigh fish, i just usually compare them to my memory of how heavy my son felt as a newborn. lol Should I be feeding them to the local eagles if I catch em?

  6. No, you don't want to throw them up on the bank. While lots of people will, or do, it's illegal to do so in any state that I've lived. Plus, if you've ever had your dog roll in dead fish, you'll understand.
    What's got me confused: if you're in Montana, why were you fishing Whitefish Lake? Not that that area of MT has got the greatest fishing, but that's the last lake I'd fish there. And I live there!
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    1. shit...if the mexicans don't even want them, what good are they????

    2. Is fishing with doughballs ever enjoyable......? Carp can be extrememly difficult to catch on a fly and they fight like hell. Much more difficult to catch and a hell of a lot better fight than pretty much any sized hatchery trout

    3. They don't smell that bad- they're fish- they smell like fish, strong....but not vomit inducing if you are used to handling fish.....

    4. Unless they are non-native why would you not release them? Here is a simple easy to understand concept for folks advocating killing any fish species indiscriminantly: If a fish is there naturally they serve a purpose, period. That's why they are there. It's common F%$king sense. You are not smarter than millions of years of evolution or God for that matter (depending on which way you lean on this subject:p)). If the Carp you speak of are non-native than that may be a different story........
  8. We have some big carp in one of the lakes in my neighborhood. The only way to catch them is to go in the evening to a corner where some old folks throw bread for the ducks. Throw your own bread chunks into the water you want to fish. Put a piece of carpet backing (bread fly) on a hook and toss it out. Watch the carp suck it down, set the hook on 8 wt rod and hang on tight. Unreal straight towards center of lake runs. They'll burn your drag with a vengance.

  9. Carp fishing is so big in the UK!

    I went trout fishing with my 24 year old friend today who is one of those guys that fishes for carp in ponds in the uk and stilll manages to fish for trout on the fly!

    He is soserious about carp that the fish in is ponds all have a name!

    He fishes with the most up to date equipment like a remote controlled boat to deliver the bait!

    But he loves his trout fishing.

    I would like to heva a go at his carp with the fly and am still waiting to hear.

    In the meantime I am just off to the pub for a quick one! :beer1:

  10. how old are you, anybody over 10 should know that carp are not native and are not desirable. and because they arent desirable they should all be killed cause they suck. sure you may argue that bass and panfish arent native but they are desirable. and yes, carp do stink more than normal fish, they smell of rotting crap because thats basically what they are. i know this is a fly fishing site but yes fishing with bait can be fun. but it doesnt matter how hard they fight, i have fought a large one before, and when i landed it, it reeked of carp. i sealed it in a few bags and threw it away. the fight isnt worth all the damage and mess they make and the smell they make and the desirable fish they replace. it doesnt matter what european immigrants think, carp should never have been established in america, they dont belong.
  11. 1. I am 31- thank you for asking.

    As far as the rest of my post is concerned-here you go.

    1: I will admit that I did not know all Carp in the U.S. were non-native. But the fact of the matter is that alot of fish in the U.S. are non-native including brown trout and I'm sure (but not positive) you would not advocate killing all of them as well. The fact of the matter is that alot of people enjoy fishing for Carp for sport and to eat as well and just because your precious little hands might get a tad bit fishy if you accidently catch one while fishing is not a valid reason for killing them. Now if they are harming native species than by all means, remove them, as well as all other species competing with native species for all I care.

    2: I grew up fishing bait and actually have no problem with it, especially if you are fishing for food. However, the point of my post is that fishing for Carp with a fly is a challenge and actually very difficult. However, pretty much anyone can catch Carp with a doughball. Carp provide another challenging species for fly-anglers to pursue, especially in light of the pressure other traditional game fish species are feeling these days.

    3: Anytime you advocate killing wildlife because you hate them with a "firey passion" is an ignorant statement to begin with (followed up by "they should all be killed because they suck"- good one :thumb:). If you have reasons, such as the ones mentioned above, then explain your reasons, but killing for the sake of killing is, well....a 10 year olds mentality. So maybe, you're mentally deficient (by the way thay means retarded - no need to go ask mommy) or maybe you are actually 10??

    Anyway sharpshooter, maybe you would like to post a list of other things you think suck so that they can be warned to watch out for the water-headed 10 year old in the tri-cities area with a chip on his shoulder.

    Have a nice day :)

  12. i think you missed the point of his reply entirely.

    it has less to do with "native vs non-native" and more to do with "non native, undesireable" species. carp destroy habitat for desireable native fish. they also create less than ideal conditions for these native fish to live in. so, in theory; less carp = more desireable native fish

  13. precisely. the area already has enough bottom feeders. there are plenty of native suckers around and then there are also non native (but desireable) catfish. neither of which make giant messes. if you want to catch bottom feeders on a fly, just go for channel cats or suckers.
  14. after the carp genocide of course
  15. That's all I was looking for. I now see a reason for removing Carp. My main issue with the post was request to remove Carp because of "hate" or because they "suck"- in my mind, not real valid reasons. Now I am behind you, and I agree with Evan-let the Carp genocide in your lake begin.

    However, I will stand by my original statement that Carp on the fly is a very difficult and exciting option for fly-anglers and this other option might help take some fishing pressure off the typical native gamefish most fly-anglers pursue, many of which are diminishing rapidly.

    Also, I responded to your post in the manner I did because I have seen many anglers bank suckers and even whitefish (while I was living MT I saw this all the time), native species that are basically an annoyance to alot of fisherman but native and vital to health of the ecosystem. I obviously lumped you into that category prematurely :confused:.

    So, have a nice day (and I actually mean it this time)

  16. man, i was hoping this would go 5 rounds and then KO
  17. :beer2:
  18. I live in Oregon. My dad has a place on the lake, so when I go visit, its easy to go down to the dock and fish around supper time. I have fished the upper whitefish and red meadow lake a few times, but haven't ventured much farther than that.

    So I should definatly destroy them when I catch them???
  19. I have also done well ice fishing there.

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