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    They are an invasive species......but I hate the blatant waste. At least use them for garden fertilizer
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    They made it illegal to bow fish for carp on lake Roosevelt.
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    As a carp flyfishing newbie, can you make a physical distinction for me between spawning behavior and feeding/tailing fish? I'm fishing from a boat, and in a lot of areas I saw many, many "puffs" of mud, but the overall water condition was so murky that I couldn't discern individual fish's vertical orientation or behavior. Since there were numerous jumping/rolling fish in the same areas, I assumed everything in that bay was spawning. Unfortunately, the only couple fish I saw in the main Columbia that appeared to be "tailing" saw me and the boat first. I'm new at this, but one of those fish was as big around as it was long (female with eggs?) and I would guess had to be 30 to 40 pounds plus! I would have been severely undergunned against that fish anyway, with my 8 weight and 10 pound Maxima!

    Also, am I crazy to be trying this from a boat? Is it mostly a walk-n-wade stalking game?
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    If they are splashing & thrashing, the majority were likely spawning. Depending on where you were at on the Columbia, the spawn is running a bit late this year. Wading & sight fishing has been the most productive, but I've done well out of float tubes, kayak, and my pram also. Stealth is the key.
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    got the weekend off today, its on!
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