Carrying firearms while fishing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Steve Vaughn, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Can anyone verify that they actually always carry a weapon WHILE "fishing", not while "going fishing", but the gun is on them while wading and casting with fly rod?

    How is something like a gun packed in such a way that it can be kept dry, yet accessed in - say - 2 seconds or less? I'm not saying people don't pack - just that I don't see it, nor understand how it is done (if it is done). I kinda doubt packing while actually fishing happens much at all. More often - people have guns, bring them when they go fishing.

    Just too much bulk and weight (especially for the much larger weapons needed to stop a bear), too much water around, and too much time to get it out for a threat.
  2. speaking of silence - how about some of these products?
  3. Shit yeah! Throwing axes! Why didnt I think of those?
  4. That throwing axe is totally METAL! That would make you an x-treem flyfisherman even more than using a huge Loop reel and rod.
  5. I could modify a net keeper to strap one or three to my backpack while Im out and about. Then all Id need is a big ass viking helmet to wear. Guaranteed NOBODY would fuck with me. And wouldnt it be an awesome way to dispatch hatchery fish? WHAM! headless
  6. There have been a few times when a buddie and I ran into some not so friendly locals up the Kettel River and I wish I'd had one on my hip cuz i think in most cases just the flash of nickel will be detourent enough. But as far as what type of side arm, I like the Taurus Judge. You can fire a range of ammo from 45 shells for larger critters to 410 shells for the small critters.
  7. Not a gun owner, but not a gun hater either and can see where the folks that carry are coming from. Having said that - what'd you folks that know what you're doing say is necessary to go from zero-experience with hand-guns to being able to competently handle a handgun in a worst-case scenario where you're out of options and have actually drawn your weapon with the intention of using it if necessary?

    Basic coursework, range-work, regular practice - and then what? Seems like quite a bit of extra training geared towards actual attack scenarios, etc, etc, etc would be necessary to capably defend yourself at close range, but then again I don't have any real knowledge or experience to base that on. Hence the question....
  8. A couple years back a guy on the Wind was fishing for springers when he heard his truck alarm go off. He ran back to his truck and yelled at the person breaking in. The guy shot him and drove off with his truck. Shit happens and though I do not promote carrying firearms, you never know when you might need it. I am not afraid of animals in the wild, rather the meth heads that find themselves home in Clark, Cowlitz and Skamania Counties. Oh and I have run into them out there, even after harvesting their crop, so yes at times I do carry and times I do not.
  9. I was thinking some sort of sword would be perfect
  10. There are a few guns I use depending on where I am at. I fish alot on the Grande and in the dry months I use my Judge, the first two shots are #4 .410 for all the snakes. If im in the woods I use the springfield .45Xd. 13rds is nice to have in a 4inch barrel. I have a cross draw holster for my XD that makes it faster for me to draw with waders on, all I do is put it above my safty belt. Last summer I was on Kelly Creek and I had to fire 3 warning rounds for a grizzley that walked out 25 yards in front of me. But Like other people have stated YOU MUST KNOW YOUR FIREARM. The only way you can hit bullseye is if you put your time in shooting it.
  11. Hey, if we all got togather and bought swords as a group maybe we could get a deal on them,as well as get a cool laser engraving done ,so we could identify each other,I wouldn't want the shame of beheading a fellow board member.
  12. Those of you who are willing to take on a tweaker hand-to-hand either:

    1) have an over-inflated opinion of yourself and your ability to fight, or
    2) have never actually met someone high on tweak, or
    3) are way too badass to be posting on a flyfishing forum - you should probably be on some cage-fighting forum.
  13. I am a ccw holder and I carry my Glock 23 wherever I go. This pistol is chambered in 40 S&w. I chose this caliber because I felt that the 9mm round is not as good as the .40. I researched alot of individuals in law enforcement and they say that the 9mm just was not doing a good job stopping what they were shooting at. So, the 40. has been proven to be a great man stopper. I would think that when I am fishing the most my glock would be able to deal with is a cougar. I carry a can of bear spray if that is ever needed also. I have heard of some rough areas around the Skykomish river. For places like these, I have an ar-15 with 4 30 round mags ready to handle any deliverance people trying to make me squeal like a pig. Sometimes have my 870 with six rounds of slugs in there too.
  14. Are they single?
  15. Yes, I carry while wade-fishing. I'm a careful stork: just one emersion in the last 25 years (not packing that time, but I did dunk my Glock once, from a too-soft suede belt holster. "Plastic" or not, the steel was vulnerable. But I disassembled and dried it off, and no harm was done.) Usually it rides in a shoulder holster, inside and below the lip of my waders, comfortable even though a double-stack .45. I think I have a fair chance of getting it out while my attacker is smacking his lips.
  16. I'm going to start fishing with Nooksak Mac. No need to carry.
  17. I'd like those of you who pack while fishing to answer this question, which seems key. How can you be trained/prepared for a seriously critical moment when an actual attack happens (as unlikely as that may be)?
  18. There is no doubt in my mind that I'm still fishing and discussing these kinds of issues on the WWW because I do not carry.

    By not carrying I have enjoyed family, friends, and our beloved sport for 20 years more than I would likely have if I were "packing".

    Tight lines
  19. LOL, I've choked out a few tweakers in my day. :rofl: It's not that big a deal. You can't punch them or bitch slap them tho. You have to cut off their air supply to knock them out. That or snap a leg or two so they can't stand structurally, and proceed to put boots to brains. But, yes you are correct, you better be prepared to dish out some serious pain if you go toe to toe with one.

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