Carrying firearms while fishing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Steve Vaughn, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Ive met some really choice individuals fishing the Kettle around the Curlew area. For the most part, as soon as they learn you arent part of some government conspiracy to steal their land rites they're ok. DEFINITELY NEVER TRESSPASS ON THEIR PROPERTY! The best way Ive found to make peace with those guysd is to carry a flask with you, and offer them a drink. Seriously, this has smoothed out several encounters with locals out there for me. Theres a big dispute between local landowners on the river and the definition of the Kettle as navigable or non navigable. According to them its NON which means they own the river bottom. JUST BE COURTEOUS. Most of those good ol boys are packing heat, "GOING HEELS" is what they call it, and Im pretty sure most of them get more practice with theirs than the average person on this board.
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    i never realized the danger i was putting myself in by going fishing. the snakes, bears, cougars, tweakers, bobcats, bigfoot, etc in the woods obviously create a clear and present danger to all those on the rivers and in the woods.

    it must be by the grace of god that i am still breathing after going fishing yesterday in the woods with only a switch rod and fly box. wait, i forgot i brought my trusty wading stick.

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    Yes I have a very over-inflated and most likely unrealistic opinion about my ability to fight. I've also ran into several people whom have been hittn' the tweak pretty hard and contrary to what many believe they are not zombies looking to attack any sign of human life. Granted when I do see someone in this condition I keep an eye on them and keep my distance. Never once have i felt threatened or in danger however.

    In any of these cases I would have felt more unsafe if I was carrying.
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    Popcorn anyone? Stayin' outta' this one....been here, done this before!! Them that feel the need to pack will pack, them that don't, won't. Period.

    JC :clown:
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    Best advice in this thread man!

    The flask works with tweakers as well. Just carry an extra throw away shot glass so you don't get any rotten teeth bits in yer drink. Also, I've never tried it, but have often wondered if blowing fireballs with a swig of high proof would deter a bear as well as pepper spray. I doub't they'd be inclined to attack a fire breathing human. :rofl:
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    I have more guns than most of you might have. I just love 'em. Handguns, shotguns, rifles, black guns, you name it. I never pack when I'm fishing. But then I don't fish moving water, mostly lakes. The damn thing would be poking me in the side...

    Bear spray is my advice if you are asking. Why? Because if you're asking, you don't have a mind set to carry. You're just thinking about it. When I carry there's no questions, there's a reason. What do I carry? Kimber Ultra-carry 45ACP. There will be only one story being told.

    Golly, my testosterone is climbing too high, I've gotta go do some aroma therapy...

    Seriously, bear spray!
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    I personally have nothing against those who choose to carry a firearm while fishing, etc.; that is, as long as they are trained in the use of their weapon, and fully realize and accept all the responsibilities involved in carrying it and actually having to use it end another person’s life (may one be so unfortunate). With that being said, I think that situational awareness and common sense (for example, doing ones best to avoid life threatening situations, or leaving a confrontation before it even gets to that point) can go a long way. As far as wildlife is concerned, I was bluff charged by a bear in late spring of 2008. I was hiking on a trail that was surrounded by thick brush and trees, and I could only see about 3- 4 feet on either side. To say the least, this thing tore through the underbrush and came at me so fast that I really did not have any time to react (I take that back, the hair on the back of my neck stood up). Luckily for me, it was only bluffing. I guess what I am saying is that having a firearm wouldn’t have been any help to me when this situation, due to the reason that I did not have any time to react when the bear was charging. It all happened very fast. As a side note, I have encountered a number of bears, and this is the only aggressive encounter that I have had. Anyhow, this is just my 2 cents.
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    Very well said Roper.
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    I knew there was something I i liked about you Steve.

    Here's my question: How many of you firearm enthusiasts have ever heard a shot fired at humans? I am a marine corps combat veteran, and if I thought I needed the kind of lethal force I hear described by "recreating adults" to go fishing, I wouldn't go.

    Having seen the amount of training and mental conditioning it takes to operate a weapon efficiently in a stressful situation, with all due respect, a few hours on the pistol range will not make you a Mitchell Paige.

    If you are ever in a situation in which you actually have to pull one of those handguns, please don't shoot yourselves. It's easier to do than to hit an aggressor who doesn't want to be shot.
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    This annual discussion always has a wise and experienced comment or two like Don's that cause me to hold off on buying a handgun. For now I "pack" Kimber Pepper Blaster instead (comes out in a blob instead of mist, so it works against the wind better). Though mine doesn't look like a gay pink gun:
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    Status Update.

    This thread is almost complete.

    1 We have the combat vet who believes any one but someone who has already shot someone will accidentally shoot themselvs.
    2 We have the guy from alaska who carries
    3 We have the guy from alaska who doesn't carry
    4 We have been told to join the nra.
    5 The WA open carry laws have been posted
    6 We've determined tweakers are more dangerous than bears.
    7 We've determined that we're all a bunch of pussies that couldn't fight a tweaker.

    Now all we need to finish this thread is
    8 Someone to tell us what needs to be changed about current gun laws
    9 About 15 more personal insults
    10 A true story about someone getting attacked.

    We might wrap this one up in record time this year. :rofl:
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    We are short about 5 pages to complete this topic.

    Your suggestions are good BJG but, what we truly need to complete this thread is Coach Duff telling us that none here are capable of handling a firearm in a crisis situation and if we were lucky we might walk away with only our pants being full of crap.
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    What ever happened to Coach Duff? I mean, I know he moved to Hawaii and was trying to become a bonefish guide. But he was still active here and then *poof* -- disappeared.
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    I give it 5 posts. The "Duffer" will be replaced. There are plent of vets and leos out there that will school everyone about how they are the only people on the planet capable of using a gun when it is needed. The pitch......
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    I carry a RPG for snakes, grenades for when the fish aren't biting, and I have a .50 cal mounted on my truck in case traffic is bad on my way to the water.
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    Want to carpool? :rofl:
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    My dad and his family were WWII refugees (from Lithuania) living in refugee camps in the US-held part of Germany roughly 1945-1947. He was a pre-teen, and he and his friends occasionally used grenades to catch fish for food. Everyone was starving, so it was a necessity, and munitions were very easy to find. He did see a kid blow himself up once though, and that haunted him his whole life.

    Anyway, I think I'll carry an RPG instead. It seems safer.