Carrying firearms while fishing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Steve Vaughn, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. I have been shooting since I was six. Raised in the sticks. Never have owned a handgun. Have my share of shotguns and rifles. Can't imagine carrying a gun while fishing.
  2. Perfectly said.
    I really don't see it being a choice.
    I'd rather spend a few yrs in the klink than the rest of my life knowing I could have done more.
    Simplifies it for me....
  3. Exactly what I was thinking!
  4. i personally dont want extra weight holding me down while i am fishing and if i need to protect myself ill punch a tweaker in the face and I would never take my very attractive daughters, lovers or friends fishing, beutiful people belong in the city for people to look at. My ugly friends can fend for themselves. This thread should be renamed to "Learn how to punch a crackhead square in the nose"
  5. ...or carry a throwing axe and wear a viking helmet, as previously suggested.
  6. Since this tread has gone past insane,I'm wondering if all fly fishers are paranoid? And as an effort to keep the insanity flowing, Could someone direct me to a snake trainer.After reading this tread I have come to conclude that my survival hammer and sword are not enough protection and I will now need trained attack rattlesnakes to insure unmolested fishing !
  7. I never worry...I have yet to meet a tweaker cazier than I am.
    Maybe you guys should put the National Guard on speed dial...:)
  8. Coming to a fishing hole near you in America.

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  9. That might be overkill, But I'm thinking of building a new speyrod with a built in conceled zip gun in the lower handle, hows that for multi- use ?
  10. You said it for me. Thank you!
  11. Who needs a gun? I carry Chuck Norris in my chest pack.
  12. I got one of these on my truck;
  13. You guys are all nuts from now on, it's 2 guns going with me. How's that for a backfire?!
  14. iagree

    Good point, Luke . . . there's something to be said for "strong-side/weak-side."

    It never ceases to amaze me that some folks who don't own firearms or don't like firearms try to paint those who do & who become proficient & carry one (or two . . . ) in the name of preparedness as "trying to be macho" or "paranoid." I could just as easily describe those who believe "nothing will ever happen to me or mine" as delusional. The well-being of my family & myself is something I don't prefer to trust to luck. No victim ever planned on becoming the target of an aggressor, be that man or animal. Shit happens.

    I own and carry firearms because I like them (much as I like fly rods) and it is my right to "keep & bear arms" under the Second Amendment & I carry both openly as well as concealed to suit the activity and conditions. My WA State CWP (as well as others from other states) allow me to conceal-carry in those locations not prohibited by law and in doing so, I afford myself a degree of protection rendering me more capable to defend my life. Oh, and I did have cause to "pull" one time in 40-years of carrying & I'm glad that I was better armed than the threat . . . my bare hands against a thug with a knife would likely have turned-out differently . . . I just don't think that being confronted by a big guy in waders carrying a fly rod would have convinced him to turn-tail & run. Funny thing is that I was fly-fishing at the time. Go figure. When Life unravels, "having" beats "wishing" every time, be it a gun, a PFD, GPS unit, F/A kit, tools, back-up rod, etc., and of course, the knowledge & ability to use these things. It's all about choices, folks . . . I have made mine & I practice to remain proficient. Name calling or childish remarks just ain't gonna change that. Bottom Line: I prefer to die of natural causes and if a situation were to arise again, I'd much rather pay an attorney than a mortician.
  15. The problem is, the vast majority of those who pack are only mediocre with a firearm. Thay are not proficient. And there is a huge difference in carrying a gun and pulling it while facing another human being. A Manslaughter conviction is a hell of a way to spend the rest of your life in or out of prison. Best to stick to areas that you feel safe in and not temp fate. I'm just sayin'...
  16. Under bona-fide self-defense scenarios, i.e., defending against deadly force/intent, I'd hope this wouldn't happen. However, that being said . . . it still beats the hell out of being dead for what rightfully should have been "the rest of my life." This is a scenario with which I sincerely hope I am never faced again, but I'll still be prepared as opposed to opting to be a helpless victim. I agree wholeheartedly with the concept of "if you can't use it, don't carry it." Someone will just take it away & use it against you or others. One also needs to know & understand both the law & the responsibilities of carrying a firearm.

    Gotta go rid a landowner of a cat-eating coyote . . . and I WILL have my customary insurance in addition to a varmint rifle. Both are fine tools, but for entirely different applications . . . peace.
  17. Either you can't understand what I've written or you don't read the news. I am cautious & prepared should either my "fellow man" or a beast pose a deadly threat. I don't recall stating I carried because I was "afraid." Add this to "macho" & "paranoid" . . .

    There is an even greater difference between having a means to defend oneself & being helpless "while facing another human being" or animal posing a threat to your life & well being.

    Now if someone would kindly list all the "safe" areas, I'd be most appreciative. After digesting the news re: violent events in which people were harmed or worse over the years . . . from homes to schools to the great outdoors, I can honestly say that I evidently am blissfully unaware of such locations among my outdoor haunts or other destinations. Unfortunately in this day & age, "should be" doesn't always equate to "is guaranteed."

    Question: Do all of you unafraid/not-paranoid/proficient-with-your-dukes folks lock your homes at night when you go to bed? Why? It's called caution & prudence . . . the great thing about America is that you are free to choose your options for caution & prudence and me, mine.
  18. I don't. But I do keep a 6 shot short barreled shotgun (no hand gun here) loaded with #4 buck beside the bed. I also have a 5 foot chain link fence around the entire property including driveway with 245 lbs worth of dogs roaming free. If you get over the fence, past the dogs and into the house the owner may well take you out after all your troubles.

    Oh crap, I was one of those flying fists guys wasn't I? Screw me.
  19. I have been shooting since I was six. I was raised in very, very rural Eastern Oregon. I own guns and hunt. I qualified expert on three weapons when I was in Army many years ago. I can still hold a 1 inch group at 200 yds with my 30-06. I don't keep guns easily available in my home. Ammunition is stored one place and guns locked up in another place. I don't load a gun unless I'm at the firing range or hunting. I don't own a handgun, just have never seen the need. I never take a gun fishing with me unless it is also hunting season. I don't have Concealed Weapons Permit. I don't relate to you folks who carry guns everwhere. I just don't see the need. I have a couple of very close friends who carry handguns everywhere and have loaded handgun in their homes. I don't understand them either. I just don't relate. And, politically I'm a moderate/conservative and I believe in the 2nd Amendment rights of legal citizens to own and carry guns. But I just don't relate to this carrying guns with me everywhere, I just don't.

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