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  1. The first time I viewed this forum was yesterday when I looked at "allenro" and the beautiful stained glass. Further "looking" in the forum was most enjoyable. We have some talented artists on WFF. Didn't know this forum was here. Anyway, I am a carver and here are a few of my carvings of a fish nature. Halibut Hooks, Salmon Trolling Hook, Fish Club, Bent-corner Chest. The chest is red cedar. Others alder.
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  2. The pics didn't show up for me.
  3. Sorry, that was due to my "LOHS" (loose operator's headspace) affliction.:)
  4. Wow Jack, those look great. I wonder if you know my friend Saaduuts (Robert Peele) the Haida canoe carver?
  5. No I don't, Patrick. There are so many wonderful contemporary Northwest Coast carvers out there today I just haven't kept up.
  6. This forum is only a few months old. I think it will take some time for folks to figure out it's here. I'm sure there are a lot of talented artists and writers who are members of WFF and have simply yet to find this forum.
  7. I might suggest that the "permanent" Forums appear in alphabetical order on the Forum page. Logical way to do it I think. Perhaps a Moderator is looking/will see this and consider.??
    Note: Regarding this suggestion: It is not doable within the set-up of this site and would be a lot of work if so. It was just a thought I had - like to put things in order. Thanks to Jerry for replying so quickly.
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  8. Those look great Jack. Carving is such a cool medium. I have tons of basswood and AYC but all I can do are some ugly lures. Love that box:)
  9. Thanks for sharing Jack, your carvings are incredible!
  10. Carving plugs has gotten popular again. There now are some kits on the market. Years ago when Stan Gibbs plugs got real expensive, we started making our own for stripers. Broom, mop, and shovel handles just seemed to vanish in my neighborhood. Yellow cedar should make for a good plug.
  11. Jack those pieces are great. There's something about wood that is weirdly mesmerizing. I think I may have a problem there, I'm down flicking through the woods at Dunn or in the back rooms at Rockler more than I care to admit. More than I fish. Buying warped odd lot pieces because the grain looks like ripples or waves...
  12. Wow Jack those are super!! thanks for sharing
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  14. Very nice! Great detail work. I like it!
  15. Great work Jack! Your carving are awesome, thanks for showing them to us.
  16. Jack your wood carvings are magnificent!

    How long have you been carving?
  17. Fantastic stuff, the line work on the hook junctions is awesome, I really appreciate you sharing these Jack.

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