Cascade creeks, where to start?

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  1. Aren't you the guy that had that zipperlip lake spot and posted all the pics???
  2. Yeah, that sounds like me.
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  3. Just giving you a hard time. Nothing more.
  4. Yeah I get it, Okay how about I share one of my favorite spots and maybe some one else might share too.
    - Manastash creek, my grandparents used to own property on this creek and it was an awesome trout fishery. They sold the property and I never bothered to look for access any where else on the creek
  5. I've fished all over the Sauk. Both forks and a few of the tribs of both forks. Lots of access up in the hills

    Lots of access on the Skykomish. There is more water up in the head waters of the Skykomish that you can shake a stick at. At the right time of the year you can catch just about anything that swims up there. But be sure to read the regs as the N/F has a closed area on it. In the many years of fishing on that river system I think I hit every trib.
  6. I don't think that's the point.
  7. Here's some good starting points from OMJ. Check your maps to see what parking spots have close stream access after ensuring those areas are open to fishing. Explore from there. Back when I was a wetsider and into checking out most blue lines I only found a few bad spots. Rest were rated ok, or good. The key thing is checking the regs because of protected chinook and bull trout areas resulting in closed fishing areas.
  8. Thanks for the link Cruik. It takes a bit to decipher what all the different colors and shaded areas mean but I think I can figure it out. At least its going to keep me out of trouble for a bit.


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