Cascade Lakes for a Scout Hike??

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  1. I'm a Scoutmaster in Wenatchee and would like to pick up some advice on some good hikes in the Cascades where a little fly fishing would be possible. I'd love any suggestions. Thanks everyone.

  2. Can't be of huge help here, but the link below will take you to some useful info on the WDFW site on alpine lakes fishing. You can pick a lake or two that looks enticing, get out your map, plan a hike that offers both decent fishing and decent prospects of getting your troop there in reasonably good health and spirits, and you're on your way.
  3. One good hike that has been made better or worse depending on how you feel about reduced crowds but a longer hike is the hike down to Crow Creek Lake from Raven's Roost in the Norse Peak Wilderness west of Yakima. The wilderness boundary used to snake around the road down to a trail head so the hike was only around 3 miles down to the lake. They cut that road off so you have to hike another 1-2 miles down to the old trailhead. I met a couple guys down there several years ago who were doing a backpack haul of trout fry to stock the lakes in there. It was the kid's Eagle Scout project. Anyway, the fishing was always pretty good despite getting hit pretty hard by day hikers. I met a couple guys coming out of the lake once with literally a full creel of trout. They were very proud. It is a bit much for a day hike for most people now so it would be worth the extended trip to see if the lake is fishing better. I haven't fished it since the trail has been extended. The trailhead is at between 5000 and 6000 feet, so you wont be able to get there for a few months.
  4. I did a 50 mile loop near Salmon La Sac that was really nice. I don't recommend it for newbies to backpacking, though. We hiked to several lakes along the Pacific Crest Trail, the largest was Spectacle Lake. I tore up my knee on some switch-backs on day 2, so I couldn't do a ton of exploring... but I still caught some beautiful brookies.

    A couple easier hikes for a weekend or as a early season trainer are Packwood Lake and Dumbell Lake. Packwood is a little more of a drive from Wenatchee, but a nice 4 or 5 mile hike for some really nice trout. Dumbell is a breeze for most folks, about 4 miles in, and I think it's stocked early in the season.

    I did all these as a scout (Eagle 1989).

    Have a ball!
  5. As with all high lakes that don't have a naturally reproducing population, the fish in Dumbbell Lake are stocked as fry so it takes two or three years before they start to show up in the fishery.

    As for the original question, I think O mykiss gave a great answer. The High Lakes Guide on the WDFW website is an excellent resource.

  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. The Department of Fisheries web site is pretty helpful, so thanks. I'm glad to see a few other Eagle Scouts floating around out there.

    FYI one lake I hiked into as a scout in Seattle was NW of Glacier Peak. About 3.5 miles in and 3,000 feet up. Not an easy hike in, but a quick out. It was Box Mountain Lakes. Lots of nice trout on flies. The small outlet had trout as well. It's beautiful country for anyone who loves to hike from the west side. (It's just inside the Wilderness area.)

    Thanks again for all the info.

  7. I'd also check out The site has pretty much every hike known.

    - DW
  8. Tom

    Since you are located in Wenatchee you might consider the Sawtooth Wilderness north of Lake Chelan. The scenery is awesome, fishing decent for cutthroat. The only drawback is that motorcycles are allowed there. That has never been a serious problem for me, as most are quite considerate.
  9. When I was in Scouts we went on a week long hike around chiwakum lake.... (spelling??) It is right outside of levenworth on hwy 2. It was about a 10 mile hike in, we set up a "base camp" right at the north west end of the lake...very good spot, then we did a lot of day hikes to small lakes in the area. Chiwakum is full of fat brookies and there are a few other lakes in that area like larch lake which is full of cutts and some brookies. There is also a lake that we went on a day hike to just north of chiwakum that was so full of cutts, you would almost catch them on every cast. The area around larch lake is one of the most stunning places I have ever been. There are also all sorts of little creeks that are loaded with small brooks and cutts.

    Gook Luck!!


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