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    Ducked out of work early yesterday with intentions of heading to Pass Lake. At the last moment I turned and went North up Hwy 9 instead of South and went to Cassidy since it is so close to home. There were 2 guys pulling their pontoons out when I was putting in. It didn't sound like they too well and looked fairly cold. I rowed a bugger pattern around for a while with no luck. It was raining off and on and the wind was more than a breeze and made it feel very cold. Air temp was 42 F. I don't know the water temp. Later in the evening the clouds broke, the sun came out, and the wind stopped. The lake turned completely flat. I started to warm up and replaced my wool stocking with a ball cap and removed my gloves. The fish must have been warming up too because for the next hour I managed to catch 5 or 6 rainbows in the 14" - 16" range. I had anchored a bit off the brush on the bank and enjoyed a some dry fly action for about 30 minutes. Then the sun went behind some clouds as it set behind the trees and the wind came back up. I went another 30 minutes or so without a bump and decided to call it quits.
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    I bet I was one of those two guys. We fished three hours without a bump. It rained most of the time and some of the rain was the mostly frozen solid variety. The weather sure was nice once I got home though. Nice to hear that there are some fish in Cassidy, I'll have to try it again.