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  1. has anyone done one of these? any guide recommendations appreciated. would like a full service lodge in washington state. looking at the last weekend of october. i posted in the general forum but, not replies. any help would be great, this is a surprise trip for my dad and i.
  2. Check out Red's Flyshop, they do floats, upland bird, and have a new lodge...
  3. It depends on the experience that you want. If the goal is to shoot birds and catch fish in one day then you could hobble something together that involves shooting preserve birds (not hunting) and catching fish in someplace as pedestrian as the KP.

    If, however, you want a great experience in a spectacular setting I'd recommend a Middle Fork trip. Brad Frei at Adventure Sun Valley has six day cast & blast where the rafts and gear are floated in from Dagger Creek and guests are flown from Boise to Indian Creek to rendezvous with the guides & gear. At that time of year it is too low to float in from the top with guests.

    The basic drill is that you cast caddis imitations to native westslope cutts all day - and the fishing can be stupid good - like 50 fish per day on top - and when you hear chukar the rafts are beached, the dogs let out , you grab your gun and go hunting. When you get to camp your tent is set up and appetizers are waiting. Launch dates are early September.

    You might also find similar experiences on the Lower Salmon or Hell's Canyon, but you'll also see a lot more pressure from others.
  4. I'm floating the Middle Fork starting September 8. You used to be able to do a cast and blast on the Salmon, but Idaho changed the start of Chukar hunting until October 1. Bummer! Rick
  5. Rick - I am pretty sure that F&G moved the opener to 09.15.12 as of Feb of this year - at least for the Middle Fork drainage.
  6. Thank you for the responses. I have checked out the website for Red's Shop and stumbled on the MFS float as well.Marty that trip sounds spectacular!!! Maybe next year, i am going to start doing something like this every year with my dad. Jon's Guide Service in Rockport does a half day Grouse and half day on the Skagit as well. I really like the idea of being able to do everything from the lodge. Red offers the released pheasant but, also does wild quail, grouse, and chukkar. On the other hand my dad and i have ventured well across washington(he is coming in from GA) and caught loads of bows' and cutties', so i really wanna get him hooked into some steelie or salmon. Maybe we will just do a salmon steel trip later in the year. I think Red's is gonna be my best option for us, we are both a little rusty with the birds. We quail hunted when i was younger in North GA, dad had dogs and what not. Anyway thanks guys!!
  7. Your right Marty-I'm just missing it! I was going by what the outfitter said. (I'm going with Middle Fork River Expeditions). Anyway, the fishing should be awesome! Rick

  8. That looks like a fun trip. Wonder how the snakes are that time of year there.
  9. They are definitely there. In Sept I have seen them as high as Indian Creek and they get thicker as you get lower in elevation. In the Spring / Summer I am in a boat and not on land.
  10. Snakes don't bother me but concerned for my dog. I usually don't start hunting until end of Oct. I Take my boat and hunt Brownlee down in Or for Huns and chukar. manage a few crappies bass and catfish.

    That would be quite the trip. On my list to do

    Thanks for posting.

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