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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by KerryS, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. "The truth is that every cast has factors of breeze, current, water grab and more which affect the cast so that even an experienced caster will rarely hit the PERFECT cast. What experienced casters do is ADAPT all the way through every cast so that every cast works." - Jack Cook

    This is one of the most profound statements I have ever read in regards to casting with a two handed rod.
  2. Jack's wrong. I know plenty of speycasters who consistently nail the perfect cast. They tell me so all the time:clown:
  3. I know those guys. They are the same ones that tell me they can cast over 100 feet consistantly.:rolleyes:
  4. Yeah - Simon Gawesworth's tag line reads something like "Always searching for the Perfect Cast". It sure is a search.

    I can also tell you i've fished with many of these casting gods and I've watched most of them have bad days where the line occasionally piles up in a spagetti heap 50' out and they can be heard muttering things to themselves as they work thru the run. There are some great casters out there, but none I've seen are perfect.

    I hear ya Kerry - those that spend time on the boards talking about their casting are rarely the ones impressing me at the claves or on the river. :cool:

    My only goal is to cast far enough to catch the steelhead waiting in the next run I'm lucky enough to fish.

    Have a Fishin Weekend,

  5. What is would be the description of a perfect spey cast ?


  6. The one that got the fish in a tough spot and shocked the dufus on the other side of the river,the shorter the better,and by the way did I metion how consistantly I can hit 100+:p
    By the way,have you devirginized the Meiser yet Kerry?
  7. I have had it fishing but it has not felt the tug of a fish yet. Finished a new line for it last night and I well be out today trying to put a fish on the other end.
  8. Welcome to the world of E-Casting guys who write and talk much better than they can cast.

    I see it every day.
  10. Hay, Hay, hay ... "I resemble that remark."bawling: Thank God "Perry" invented his "Poke." Best recovery cast ever developed!
  11. The reason I posted up Jack's quote is no one talks about the water or wind conditions when discussing casting. The "breeze, current, and water grab" that Jack talks about have the most affect on every cast then any other combination of factors and no one talks about them. The speed and direction of the current is of vital importance to each and every cast. Even a slight breeze can force a caster to change the type of cast he is performing but again not many talk of it. A beginner or newcomer may fight these very elements without knowing what is the cause of his frustrations.
  12. Ha ha! There are too many people that have seen me cast to get away with that here (Speybum). :D

    I am happy when I get the line out to the spot I want to fish. I am thrilled when I can cast out from under tough cover or when I get a decent cast with my weak hand up.
  13. Kerry,

    As a spey casting putzer, this is so true for me. That afternoon upstream breeze on the Skagit this weekend had me against the ropes. I much prefer the style and deliberateness I can enjoy casting the 13' 8 wt, but I found myself stringing up my 9140 with a heavy head just to be able to throw my line and fly onto the holding water. If I had taken a single handed rod with me this weekend, I would have caved in and used it (gasp!).


    Salmo g.
  14. And if you're anything like me, when you do nail a great cast under tough conditions you can't help but scream "C'mon!!!! That deserves a fish!!!!!!!!!!":rofl:
  15. Salmo,

    Were you the guys in the GIII?

    I was trying a new line on a new rod. As we moved from bar to bar the direction of those bars changed, changing the direction of the wind ever so slightly. This played hell with my casting as I tried to figure out the new rod/line combination. I was constantly making adjustments for the wind and water differences and was not sure if my casting was off or the line wasn’t right for the rod, both or just what was going on. Someone mentioned muttering to themselves while working a run. That was me yesterday.
  16. Kerry,

    No. The green Lund with ancient Evenrude jet. What were you driving?

    The wind played havoc with my attempt to cast and fish the line I prefer. I could, and did, use my heavier rod with a Skagit type head and just throw the line out there. But I'd prefer grace over brute force, which ain't easily attainable cuz I'm not an accomplished spey caster. I found myself wishing I'd brought my single handed rod, because even with the wind, I can make the line do pretty much as I wish. But if I bring the one-hand rod, I won't improve my two-hand casting. Ah, the dilema.


    Salmo g.
  17. We were in the blue Smokercraft that launched right when you guys did.
  18. Really? Must be a senior moment; I don't remember anyone else launching when I did. There was one other trailer behind a white vehicle tucked up in the brush when I parked, and a pickup with no trailer. That's all I recall seeing at the Baker mouth when I shoved off. Maybe next trip up.


    Salmo g.
  19. Haw, there was a green sled with an older Evinrude jet that launched at Rockport when we did Sunday morning. I jumped to the conclusion it was you from your description. Thinking back on it I remember the boat was an older plywood sled from yester year. Sorry for the confusion.

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