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  1. Richard,

    For a long while as Spey rods became popular, I thought of them mostly as a novelty. I never had any difficulty casting and catching steelhead on the Skagit and Sauk with my old 8 1/2' fiberglass fly rod, so I was slow to be persuaded to the two-hander. Fishing the high bank side of the river was the only application that I believed gave a two-handed rod an advantage. And I still think the larger two-handed rods are thundersticks that are way over-geared for most steelhead under 15 pounds. I've been fishing there long enough to know darn well that any consistant angler is going to catch far more that are less than 15 than more than. It's the smaller two-handers that have persuaded me tho. A lot less line stripping (unless you use a head system), and the 2-handers sure toss size 2-2/0 flies more comfortably than my single hand 8 wt.

    I think, however, that if I were as proficient with the 2-hander as I am with the single, the 2-hander would be more comfortable and efficient to cast and fish in windy weather. I'll report back once I become proficient with the darn things.


    Salmo g.
  2. Exactly what I have found too :thumb:



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