Casting Distances: Every Caveman Needs a Chance to Beat His Chest

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jake L, Jun 30, 2008.

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    I fished the beach this weekend, and at one point the rip was off the beach about 100-110 ft. Two guys camped out on the point repeatedly throwing a fly out, maybe 60 ft at best, worked that area for an hour without touching a fish.

    Soon as they left, I moved to the point and put a sand lance imitation into the rip and in quick succession hooked up with three SeaRuns of decent size. I thought about this thread, and what a difference 40 ft can make. Only fish I caught Sunday morning.
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    1. I give it thought.
    2. I approach.
    3. I wade.
    4. I cast.
    5. I catch fish.
    6. Not as many or big or as perfect or as far away as I ect. ect. ect..........

    Go Dawgs.
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    Fixed it for ya'.:thumb:
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    Pay no attention to PTs Post.

    Thank you.
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    PT, you left something out.