Casting frame/platform for the bow of 13' avon raft

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  1. I would like to add a casting frame / platform to the bow of my 13 ' avon raft. I would like to beable to fish standing instead of sitting on occasion. What features to you like in such a frame---who sales them as a separate unit?
  2. Check with David Duval
    (BDD here on the forum). He makes frames to fit most rafts and he is in Ellensburg. Rick
  3. I've been in touch wtih BDD and will likely have him build the frame---he is busy until March so I have some time to collect information on what folks like and don't like to inform the design I ask him to build.
  4. Here's an extremely specialized one from a flats boat if money and space is no object.. :) Still good to use for inspiration I think.

    I would like some sort of stripping basket of a decent size (bigger than the catchercraft std one I think).
    If you don't have room to build a full cage, then knee braces would provide more security than the leaning bar IMHO.
    Avoid line snags by making sure everything tapers smaller as it goes away (like a pyramid type shape if possible). I think if the basket on the lean bar were shaped more like a V than a D it would shed line better. Also some tie downs in the bottom corners to the vertical bars on the lean bar would probably help keep fly line from finding a way in there. If there's anywhere a 4 foot loop of flyline can get tangled it will find a way!
    Can you build a demo with 1" PVC pipe? I'm doing that on a similar leaning bar project as there's too many things to think off to get the prototype correct and I'd rather prototype PVC than aluminum! :)
  5. The specialized flats boat "cage" rather than a frame is interesting---I will consider some of its attributes, but being in a raft, It is important to be able to stand and sit easily---I totally agree with the "tangle" issue. That is one reason I don't like the bull horn type of frame.
  6. Here is a picture of my Catchercraft frame. I think the stripping baskets are more than adequate for my fishing style, but everyone is different! Rick P1020936.JPG
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  7. I can see they are plenty for dry fly or nymphing work. I do like that the basket is shallow and high. For ripping streamers or poppers it's nice to have a bigger basket and have it wrap around your side: maybe a second basket that is some sort of fold down wing like an extra table leaf or even removable for when you really want it, but there may well not be enough room for that. Just throwing in my three cents: a good stripping basket setup makes all the difference when fishing streamers IMHO. :)
  8. I've never thought of even using a stripping basket for streamers. I just let the line coil around my feet as I strip in. As long as I don't step on the line, I never have a problem with that. As a right handed caster fishing river left, my stripping is coming off my left side and that is not close to any stripping basket I've seen unless you are wearing one on your waist. It's funny that I fish streamers quite a lot, mostly out of drift boats, and I've never considered trying to use a basket when fishing. Rick
  9. Several years ago I had an Avon Drifter. I got a casting frame from Clavey in Petaluma, California. At the time I was guiding and I had that raft and a Hyde drift boat. I ended up taking the knee braces off fore and aft after two clients fell out of the raft.

    I found that when I was on easy going Class 1 - II water, I used my drift boat. When I had to run Class III, I used the raft. On the faster rougher water, I wanted the fishermen sitting down for safety reasons.

    The other thing I noticed over the years is anglers standing in the bow of a boat tend to put rising fish down further away than those seated when on flat tailwaters. Put a white shirt on the bow angler and you might as well stay home.

    I sold the Drifter about 8 years ago and bought a 14' Avon SB Adventurer. It gets thrown on mules and delivered to backcountry rivers and the extra weight and frame wouldn't be worth it, so I have a frame that breaks down easily, but no casting platform or knee braces.




    Bottom line: It depends on what you plan on using the set up for.
  10. Wow---I would have never thought about white putting fish down. The frame on the raft is from Clavey but does not have a casting platform.

    I like the looks of the catcher craft frame---how does it connect to the rowing frame portion of the boat? I am also concerned about stability---does the leaning bar / knee braces connect with a clip or are they a single piece? I have an aversion to swimming in cold water.
  11. I can only guess why a guy in white standing in the bow of a drift boat puts fish down. The under belly of most predatory birds is white.

    If you're fishing on a fast moving freestone with lots of structure I don't think it makes much difference. But on my home water, the Missouri River, it was the kiss of death especially on a sunny day.

    Also, false casting over rising fish on the Missouri will put them down also.


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