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  2. I spent the morning on the Snoqualmie with Aaron. He fixed my cast in about five minutes and then I was able to practice for the rest of the morning. Hadn't been there for several months but it is well worth the drive. I will head back next week for some more.
  3. See you there
  4. Golfman44,

    Hey just wanted to say was good seeing you on the river. Just want to say in the short time you were there I saw your casting improve. For only the few times you have cast, all I have to say is outstanding! and it will only get better from here.

    But what others have said, check out Aaron at Fall City Bridge. Hope my brother and I didn't scare ya to much. I know he will chime in here, but I know he also was saying your casting is doing great.

    So hope to see ya on the river again! If not steelhead, maybe trout on the Yak or RF.

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  5. You too man thanks for all the tips they helped so much. You and your brother were great -- shoulda brought out the fireball haha.

    I'm pretty sure I saw Aaron's crew by the bridge when I drove out but had to get home in time to see the Huskies lose. Oh well. I'll probably head back out there tomorrow morning for a few hours since its just 20min away.
  6. Sweet, I would go but to much work around house, then get ready for Seahawks, hopefully a win!

    If you go same, spot get down where my brother and I were near the lower riffle and try there. Water is not as fast and a lot of rocks for the fish to get behind and hold up.

    But, I do want to say, your casting got much better by the time you left. You were understanding were you went wrong and changed it on the next cast. At first you were not shooting much line but at the end, some of those were superb! If I could have had a video, I think they would have made you very happy of that casting. You picked things up very quickly.

    Good luck tomorrow if you go
  7. Had the whole place to myself except for the last 30 min or so. Snagged a pink on accident but it was just outside its mouth so no harm done. I hiked down below the 2nd big riffles and saw two huge kings chilling at the bottom of it. I think the next time it rains that place is going to be flush with fish.

    Your casting tips really helped. The closer I am keeping my hands to my body the better it is. When you mentioned your buddy who you can hear slamming his lower hand against his chest...I can see how that helps. I was doing that a bit just to see what its like and it helped me "stop" the rod up top as opposed to letting it go to far down towards the water.
  8. If you're here in Southern Oregon (Rogue River) send me a note. I'll bring the rods, you bring your waders. No cost, just bring 'treats' for the old Yellow Lab that will be standing in the water next to you. If Sandy wiggle/shakess his body/ears, your cast was shite.
  9. Well, he does the same thing if the cast was 'good.'
  10. Glad to have meet you, and my brother helps me of much. As you can tell, fishing is suppose to be fun and my brother and I always do that first, have fun. What I saw of you casting when I got there, I would never have known you were having problem. Your casts looked great. Keep up the great work and hope to see you again on the river if we didn't scare you to much.
  11. Directions from Highway 2 coming out of Monroe, or is it faster to hit I-90 and turn off around Issaquah? Her Ladyship and I need some help and this Saturday might work for us, coming from LederhosenLand.
  12. So it looks like it's quicker to take I-90 from where I am, and get on the Preston-Fall City Road. I see only one bridge over a river along the entire length of the road, so I assume that's where this is given? I'd like to drive over tomorrow and get some help on my cast.
  13. Well you could be looking at the Raging River, but yeah it's in Fall City near the roundabout where Hwys. 202 and 203 join.
  14. Thanks, Matt; looks like I got the place on satellite view from Google. Amazing the camera sees that from so high up! I'll see if I can get there tomorrow.
  15. From Monroe go the back way don't take 90
  16. Yeah if you take Hwy. 2 over you'll get to go through the "Cherry Valley Riviera" aka "Paris of the West" aka City of Duvall.
  17. Charles St.Pierre.

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