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    So let me get this straight... For you guys that cast right-handed and reel right handed, that means that when you hook a fish, you switch the rod to your left and and reel with the right. So then, when a fish runs at you and line slackens up, you immediately "switch" the rod back to your right hand, fumble with picking up and quickly stripping in some slack line with your left hand?----Then switch back to your right hand to reel up the slack and get her back on the reel? Are you frigging nuts!!!! Totally screwed up! It's WRONG I tell you! You got it WRONG!!! :D :D :D :ray1: You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!! Sometimes! But it appears hopeless for some of you! :D
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    Either hand here. When I was a kid it seemed like I always had one wing or the other broken so I just would cast with the good arm. I never developed a back hand in tennis as I'd just change hands on the racket.
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    Let's see, I guess you must feel that the same Roderick Haig-Brown you quote must have been "frigging nuts" "totally screwed up" and "WRONG"? I'll guarantee you that he cast right-handed and reeled with his right; the fly reels of his day offered no other option. For those of us with a modicum of physical coordination (on the level, say, of having the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time) experience no difficulty at all with it.
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    Gees Preston, don't take it so personal. I'm the one to have the modicum of physical coordination since I can't do the "switcharu" I was refering to. I was giving you guys a hard time with smiles on my face! I'm not so young anymore, and my first fly rod and reel were right handers as well.... But I switched to left hand reeling long ago when they were first available. You should give it a try. I'm sure Roderick would have done the same! I believe he was quite adaptable to the conditions of his sport. :)
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    Fly casting: cast right, reel left

    Spin fishing: cast right, reel left

    Bait casting (level wind): cast right, reel right......:confused:

    The thought of trying to reverse any of these patterns would give me nightmares...and those fishing near me, too.