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  1. Here, a fresh new start...a new thread in regards to Casting, big loops tight loops, long belly or short, all Principles and Mechanincs essential to casting and any tips you would like to share. I'd also like to open this thread up for analysis, so post up a video, of yourself.

    I'll start off with a video: ACT 4 10/11 14'9" with 75' 10/11 Carron Jetstream line.
    My comments to start: First day on the water with anything over 65'...though I've tried other's setups with longer. This setup seems a little heavy, but I'll work with it and my technique and see how I feel about going down a line size after some more practice.

    Happy Posting!
  2. Self proclaimed spey wreck here, so take the feedback accordingly. This overhead cast will serve you well enough to swing flies, but if you have not already done so, start working on a D-loop cast from both water left and water right. Also it looks like your casting directly (or near so) downstream, which won't serve you too well for straight across or quartering casts when fishing.

    I too posted a video clip on this forum this past fall wanting feedback on what I thought was a set-up freak of nature. The forums Jedi's provided great feedback/critique and I'm sure they'll be responding to this thread and your video as well.

    I have a decent D-loop cast going now and want to figure out which one of the many other casts would be the best to learn next :hmmm:
  3. I must really suck...that wasn't supposed to be an overhead cast! Poor video, but what I was trying to demonstrate was a switch cast, river right, right hand up. I did do some left handed switch casts, which I'll share a little later.

    Freestone, where is your video? I'd like to see it and read some of the feedback. Do you have some updated video to share how you've come along since then?

    Thank you,

  4. Hi James.
    I just a quick look at you second clip, are you casting under power lines..... if so my advice would be, go practice elsewhere. will come back to the casting later.
    Cheers Gordon.
    DTX Pro Staff.
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  5. my thoughts exactly. sorry i just got a spey rod OP, so its gonna be a bit before i can cast it worth a shit.
  6. From a couple years ago - Echo SR81010 / AirFlo Scandi Compact 480.
    Comments: I was trying to see how little my upper body needed to move, and how the relative "quietness" would affect the loop - if you look closely, you can see the residual effect of an underpowered forward stroke in the "drop-out" of the rear taper. I move a little more now, but not much...I don't think you should put any more effort into casting that is absolutely necessary.

  7. Gordon and Dustin, thank you for your concern...I was thinking about those power lines when I was rolling up and leaving, I could hear them buzzing. Yeah, I agree, I'll practice either up or down stream of them next time.

  8. G smolt, nice clip. Looks like your forward cast was appropriate for the distance. Nice complete roll out that seemed to settle straight on the water. More power would have been unneccesary effort, just raise the trajectory a tad and the line will still land straight and with less disturbance. I like your nice loose/relaxed top hand grip.

  10. Good technique!:thumb:
  11. James.....slooooow dooooown
  12. Bruce, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being where my speed is now, how much slower and in all phases? Is my lift better?

    Thank you,
  13. Bruce, how's this for slower? I slowed down the video 30%, is that about right?

    I'll continue to work on it. I'll pay better attention to Derek Brown's speed on the video and see if that helps. After watching some more video I noticed I was blowing my anchor half or more of the time...almost seems unbelievible to blow an anchor with a 75' head and 12' of leader...but I was, so I suspect this is where I really need to concentrate on slowing down, on the delivery. What about the backcast?

    Thanks for your help and experience, Bruce I really do appreciate it!

  14. I miss that little spot on that river.
  15. James, the initial lift is the slow part, and you dont need to lift that high try bringing your top hand to nose level.
  16. Bruce, take a look at my left hand single spey, what your saying seems to be more evident in my left hand...I suppose it's the right hand muscle memory/habits that are in need of reprograming.

    Okay last video for awhile. Thanks again,
  17. View attachment 47173

    not sure if I'm doing this right

    ...But seriously folks.
    James, great thread, great read so far, and thanks to everyone who's contributing.
    We set aside a couple hours on the river today to try to get some vid, conditions were less than optimal... but we got a couple clips to share.

    My biggest mistake of course was trying to cast skagit, Andersson underhand, modern scandi, and a long midhead all in the same morning!!
  18. Bob, the only thing I'm sure of is "Be careful!". Looks pretty cool, but I know I'd only attempt that without a fly.

    Went out today, and applied some of the tips from earlier. Thanks Bruce, I worked on my lift and slowing down and really felt I got some good head way. I think the biggest thing I achieved today was my vertical shotgun lift, and how if done slow the rod loads deeper and the head comes out cleaner with way less effort. Not that this is new, but without experiencing it for myself, I failed to see the importance of "SLOW". Once I get a couple more things dialed in I'll post up a progress video.

    Thanks everyone,

  19. 4" leadeye bunny, 12' T-14...
    crash helmet! I call that my Spaz Poke. An absolutely useless cast.:rofl:

    anyhow, I'be been playing with lifting from the bottom of the rod too, here's today's suboptimal results, but I see this lift thing as me taking baby steps and trying to break shorthead habits.
    View attachment 47182

    I think I may need to keep the rod lower , lift even more from the butt, and let my hips take the line out. I see a definite hitch in my giddyup here.
  20. Kinda what I was thinking as well...looked like it passes close to the cranium.

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