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  1. James, if I want to throw big heavy flies(within reason) on sumpin other than a skag. I pick the spool w/the winter authority 55 on it that corresponds w/the rod that I have in me mitts at the moment.

    I throw a WA55 8/9 on a MKS-LS2 and two other stics with a 8wt rating. 8wt rio tips 3-6-8 on this line do the trick on 13' to 14' rods for me.

    If I have backcast room for the day, my first pick is a WA 55 9/10 on a 15' 8/9wt MKS.
    I will throw big truders and a bunch of running line on that setup .

    The WA 55 has much more massive shoulders on it than the FF or WA 70 does.
  2. Yeah, I'm sure the 55' head is more appropriate...I just like to test limits and am currently on the long line crazy train. I do plan on getting a 55.

  3. James,

    Monteith Multi-tip is superb choice for your Powerlite. The configurability of the line is unmatched. Mine arrived a few weeks back and I finally had a chance to put it through its paces. Of all the longer lines I have cast with sink tips this one is the best. 63', 68' and 78' configurations. And they all work exceptionally well.

    Just another option out there...

  4. William,
    Would you have information or a link regarding grainage of these lines and tips? I was not able to find information on the Monteith site nor in any searches. I see the Multi-System is avalable in 9/10 and 10/11.
  5. Thanks William, I've done very little research on the Monteith line but what I have heard has been very good. I'm a sucker for good lines so I'll have to check it out....Anyone have one they want to get rid of?

  6. I have read a variety of reports on the line, most good...a few not so good. Decided to give one a try anyway and it was far better than I had expected. The only 'downside' is the line comes in two weights and both are heavier than most guys like to use in North America. For salmon fishing in the UK, Scandinavia and Russia it is a different story. Here are the weights listed by Jock per the various lengths "This 10/11 Speyline has head weights as follows: 63ft (19.2m) = 46.5g (715 grains), 68ft (20.7m) = 50g (770 grains), 78ft (23.8m)= 54g (830 grains).". Have no idea what the 9/10 weighs. I do think both lines use the same 8 wt sink tips.
  7. I found the 9/10 specs for anyone interested.
    The 9/10 has head weights as follows: 63ft (19.2m) = 41.6g (640 grains), 68ft (20.7m) = 44.8g (690 grains), 78ft (23.8m)= 48.6g (748 grains).
    As I understand, the head weights are not as critical because of the 12' rear taper allowing the caster to find the best position to place the back of the head. It can be outside of the rod or at the cork, depending on the rod and caster.

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