Cat fur dubbing

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Allison, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Ok, this is going to sound really dumb, but cat fur seems to make nice dubbing material.

    Is there any disadvantage to this? I have regular dubbing materials too, but wouldn't mind having a constant supply of a certain shade of grey.:cool:
  2. A patchy cold cat.
  3. :D

    Actually, I combed her to harvest the goods. :p
  4. I've found cat fur dubbed flies especially good for dogfish.
  5. Do dog hair flies work for catfish?:confused:
  6. nope, they scare them away.
  7. I've heard that using tuna can labels as dubbing on your flies will catch a lot of catfish though.
  8. I just like any excuse to shave a cat.
  9. Well, hey, if I thought it was going to get me somewhere, I'd probably shave her and then blackmail her with the pictures, but actually the technique was discovered by accident. I have a super-fine comb that I run across her fur from time to time to check for fleas. The teeth are closer together than the size of a flea. What you get (assuming the cat is flealess, 'cuz with the fleas it's just gross) is the fine underhair, that at least in my cat's case, is downy and dun-colored, kinda like bunny.

    I've just tied up a couple of flies with it and it works as well as anything for dubbing, assuming the fishies will like it. Makes me want to go to the houses of other cat owners with my fine comb in hand. An orange tabby might be nice......
  10. Yes!!!!!!! finally a purpose for the 2.5lbs of fur my himmalayans leave on the furniture. I was looking a huge mass of white fur the other day wondering about this topic lol
  11. iagree
  12. Hey Jami just put that fur in a little plastic baggie, label it "Himalayan Yak under arm fur" (or some such) and sell it for 7.99 a pack at Orvis. Get a couple more cats and all your fly fishing will end up free! :beer2:
  13. :beer2: I'll drink to kitty, kitty. How about whiskers? Work good for tails or antennae? :rolleyes:
  14. A lot of tabby cats have striped whiskers.

    I hadn't though of that until I saw someone was selling them for fly tying materials on Ebay. :rolleyes:
  15. after you shave your cat and cut off it's whiskers, put scotch-tape on its feet. Hilarious.
  16. Do you get to kill the cat first?
    I to have been contemplating using pet fur for fly fishing. The home road dog fly. You may have just motivated me to do it.
  17. But, seriously... From my experience, cat fur seems to absorb water a bit too well. The fur from my medium hair, calico/russian blue mixed looks like a perfect dun color, so I tied up some Adams flies. However, they seemed to get water-logged rather easy. I suppose some kind of water-proofing would be in order with cat fur.
  18. Sounds like some "water-proof cat" testing is in order here :cool:
  19. Ok, then two more dumb questions:

    Is waterlogging an issue if it's a wet fly, or only if it's a dry fly?

    Waterproofing: seems like the same stuff you use on your outdoor clothes might work on fur. Anyone have thoughts on that?
  20. Sign me up, I gotta couple I should test

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