Catatonic Steelhead report

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Itchy Dog, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Driving from Wenatchee to the Methow Saturday morning at 0 dark thirty the roads were covered with blowing snow. Fortunately the guy behind us following at a rather close distance aided in our ability to see the road ahead. Arrived at our first run by 6:30- had the river mostly to ourselves except for one other deranged lunatic we saw on our way up the valley. Air temps in the upper 20's, water temp around 38.5F. Swung flies through every fishy run until frozen guides prevented line from shooting any longer. I'm sure the river was full of fish, but they were metabolically incapable of moving to our flies. We had planned to fish all day but opted to call the time of death @ 10:47 AM. Had a great time with Big Tuna.

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  2. That's a loooooong drive to freeze your ass off for 4 hours. You are committed, fo-sho.:thumb:
  3. Again, another thread to make me jealous of those partaking in Winter Steelhead fishing. I LOVE IT! Deranged..............perhaps, dedicated for sure! All it takes is one solid hook up and it is worth the drive, the cold and the memories!

    Very Nice!
  4. Don't you know that Columbia Trib Steel do not start biting in the winter until 10:50 AM at the earliest.

  5. Thanks for the report and nice shots. For some strange reason, it makes me want to go out and fish in the cold and snow. I think there should be an actual diagnosis for the steelheading condition. No one else but us gets it. At all. Sometimes I'm not really sure I get it!!
  6. Beautiful panorama Itchy.
    Gives a good feel for what you encountered out there (scanning the river).
  7. Soke pole in Peak Anti-freeze.
  8. Tremendous! Way to go Itchy. Great heart and commitment. I can't wait to get out on Friday. Pure lunacy...
  9. In all honesty I'm not nearly as hearty as one might think and was pretty well ready to call it quits when we did. I'm glad we went though- good times, and if nothing else it proved that while we may not have the gumption of men half our age, who would have stayed all day and fished in cotton hoodies, we did get out. But to take credit for being a real man would be dishonest and I wanted to come clean about that. Besides, if I didn't, Tuna would've outed me for sure.
  10. I wonder if Big Tuna wants to go fish the Wasnatchee wit me tomorrow?

    I got a Red Shed hoody to keep me warm
    Rivers droppin and Fishin should be good
  11. Dig the photos !!
  12. that first pic the pano shot is amazing...
  13. This is the exact experience I had last weekend..finally called it quits on Sunday at 1pm...if the guides weren't freezing every other cast I likely would have stayed. It was great to have any run I wanted, just better if the fish participated in the fun!
  14. I'd be all over it, but I have to work;)
  15. I don't miss this shit at all. I have been dragged out plenty of times by Matt Burke. But I never did get tired of it. I might now being as I am.
  16. At minimum, not working, on the water and amazing shots.
  17. Methow is frozen solid.
  18. Guess that's not surprising given that it just got colder after we were there. Winter came early and hard this year.
  19. That's what "they're" sayin and that's what it feels like about 70% of hatchery SH are still in the Columbia so it'll be a big B run because when I drove down valley today the ice dam had formed big already above Millers and that slows migration. That is usually the pattern on years like this most fish will probably wait now until Febuary.

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