"Catchapalooza", March 10th at the North Bend Theater

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Feb 25, 2010.

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    "Catchapalooza", March 10th at the North Bend Theater

    Some sponsor involvement here with Jack being there so by all means, lets watch some FF video and throw back a few up here in North Bend. It's also at my home theater (good one at that) and the owner Jim is a fellow fly angler. Those are the reasons I'm giving Susie to secure my hall pass. Please forward requests if you need other excuses.

    Not sure how long things go after presentations but afterwards the Pour House is around the corner, 1 block to the West from the theater.

    Todd and Brian O'Keefe from Catch magazine will be making a presentation and showing some some of their videos. In addition Jack Mitchell will be highlighting some Eastern Washington Fisheries and Mark Taylor will be talking about their Kokanee project on Lake Sammamish.

    Tickets are free but seating is limited. Beer will be available for a donation which will go to the Issaquah Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Any help you can give in promoting this event will be great.


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    Know the spot well. When's the starting gun fire on that event? I'll put that on my calendar and be sure to make it.

  3. Backyard SANCHO!

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    Is there a link we could throw up on blogs and the FB? Grab me a couple a few tickets if ya can...
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    Do we need to register for tickets?
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    The event officially starts at 7pm but show up early to talk to the presenters and bs. There are no tickets or registration, just show up. The theater hold about 300 so shouldn't be a problem. Though the beer alone might cause to arrive early. There's a description and details of the event on the Creekside website. www.fishcreekside.com/calendar.htm
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    free admission? how much beer is available?
  7. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    (some more info...)

    In partnership with Catch Magazine, Trout Unlimited and Creekside Angling in Issaquah we are pleased to be hosting "CATCHAPALOOZA"! Here's an excerpt from the fishing report at www.creeksideangling.com for the show on Wednesday 3/10. Doors will open at 6:00, movies at 7:00.

    Get Yourself to "Catchapalooza"

    ***For good times come to our spring fling Catchapalooza at the North Bend Theater on Wed. March 10th, for an evening of flyfishing love sponsored by Creekside. Our friends Brian O'Keefe and Todd Moen of Catch Magazine will be presenting backround on the Magazine and some killer flyfishing films and Jack Mitchell from The Evening Hatch will conduct a presentation on fishing in Washington, of which he knows a ton. And, as if that weren't enough, there will be a raffle. Admission is FREE and beer will be available with a donation to TU that will be gratefully accepted. The show begins at 7pm but feel free to show up early to be with the presenters and hang out. . Check with Creekside in Issy for more info. ***
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    Chris, I'll be there.