Catching steelhead on reds

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by FLGator, Jul 31, 2006.

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    What would you expect a plunker's incidental kill rate to be on wild fish? Compared to the selective gear section during the season in question on the Skagit?

    Knowing that a plunker is umpteen times more effective at catching fish over my chosen methods and they are approx. 500 to 1500 times more likely to mortally kill that wild fish for release...should we let the fox guard the hen house? Or does leadership make the right decision. Say thanks for your interest and insight to your points. We appreciate it however this is the direction we must take for the best overall conservation of fishing privilege while limiting population impacts considering our current stock status. That way everybody gets to play the game.

    Unfortunately I have had enough poor experiences with several 'wildcatters' on the Clearwater during it's C&R season that it has spoiled the whole barrel. The only reason for any of their proposals is to 'stick it to the fly guys'.

    Oh well. Once the threatened/endangered status takes effect NOBODY will get to play on the Skagit/Sauk/Sky anymore anyway (wild steelhead wise).

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    i still believe a solution is to open specific rivers with low to no wild escapement to any thing goes fishing. those specific rivers would be fronted by mega hatcheries and paid for with a 'kill' license issued by WDFW.

    rivers which have the potential for wild steelhead propogating on their own, would have ZERO hatchery fish and be managed as C&R exclusively with single barbless hooks, specific tackle beyond that is not too relevant. these rivers would be paid for, that would be stepped up enforcement as no hatcheries are involved, by a 'no kill' license issued by WDFW.

    seperation of folks by what their expectations might be regarding fishing would seem the most desirable solution for a problem that won't go away. it would be farily obvious is poaching was occurring and since an enhanced enforcement patrol would be a part of our licensing, pretty expedient to deal with.

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