Catching Vs fishing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by gbhstrat, Aug 5, 2002.

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    I was invited to do a Halibut charter this year. I spent the time waiting for the chickens to take the bait and thinking a lot about why I like fly fishing so much (and why I hated Halibut fishing). When you are in charter boat, the pilot of the Boat is doing the real fishing. If the Boat is in the right place, people in the Boat start catching fish. The people in the boat are more like participants waiting to catch something. Don't get me wrong here, I have a little boat and when my wife and I are trolling for trout, I still consider that fishing. That's because it is my judgment and decision making controlling where we go and how we fish (sometimes I troll with my fly gear - shame on me!). The point I am attempting to make is that when you are walking up a river (or floating down it) looking for the right type of water, and then casting the right fly with the right presentation, that is where I think the enjoyment is for me. When experience and judgment are being used to find fish and ultimately being used to catch fish. After bringing home my limit of Halibut, I had to say that it was catching and not fishing because I made no decision that could have changed the outcome.

    So here is my Philosophy on why I like fly fishing so much.
    1) I am always learning something new because there is so much to know.
    2) It allows me to think, plan and prepare even when I am not fishing. I can be tying flys, dreaming of places to go, preparing for the next outing, working on the next good fly line and rod combination, etc.
    3) When a fish strikes, you are holding the fly line with your hand, the direct feel of the fish with your hand really allows you to feel the fish.
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    That is cool. I have often thought the same thing. If I am not in control of whether or not a fish will take, it drives me crazy. sure I still fish like that when I have to, but the allure of the flyfishing mental game that goes with the actual activity draws me towards that evermore. Example: still fishing in a lake with (Excuse me I have to say the dreaded word) powerbait, It is not up to me. the bait hangs there and if a fish just happens to swim by, and just happens to be hungry, and just happens to see mine before the other people in the boat's, then I might get a take. The fish are in control, but when I flyfish, I feel that if I don't catch fish it is my fault because I didn't give the right fly, presentation, etc.
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    I might be old---but I'm good.

    I agree with you both. I don't like sitting in a boat all day. If I'm on a river or a stream I can be moving from spot to spot. Everything is different on moving/skinny water. Jim