NFR Catholics vs. Cousins

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kent Lufkin, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. I don't have a dog in tonight's BCS National Championship fight, but I think it's hilarious how its being billed as a cultural 'showdown' of north vs. south, Democrats vs. Republicans, and intellectual elites vs. redneck good ol' boys. Doesn't hurt that Alabama scored 35 rushing touchdowns during the regular season while the Irish allowed just 2.

  2. Not having watched much of the pre-game hype, I wasn't aware of that. Interesting as I'm sure there are plenty of redneck ND fans; think Irish Southies.
  3. Surely there's something better to pay attention to then the rubbish being force-fed to us by a overzealous media, constantly looking for a fresh kill.

    This thread was about wolves, right? ;)
  4. Guessing both of those programs recruit players from around the country, so they could probably be cited as examples for how people from around the US can get along better. Or at least, how jocks who smash heads together can get along better. Anyway, I'll be cleaning fly lines or taking a nap during the game. Or arguing about wolves and guns on this fine forum.
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  5. You might be surprised how regionalized recruiting is for major college athletic programs. Recruiters tend to recruit regionally and high school stars tend to prefer schools in their regional college conferences (e.g., west coast, PAC10). Think the nationally top-rated high school QB from Skyline High in Sammamish considered Alabama? Not in your life - he's going to USC. Notre Dame is one of the few that has traditionally had a more national reach, because of its religious affiliation and the many catholic schools around the country.

  6. Surely you're not suggesting that the media's perspective could possibly be skewed?


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  7. Probably not too many social or fiscal conservatives going to ND.... ;)
  8. We fly-fisher's qualify as jocks...and we smash heads on this forum quite regularly :D
  9. Funniest part of this thread.
  10. Ugh-o, anyone got a few extra candles they can loan 21 to be exact?
  11. Some game, eh? Boooooring.

  12. Hey I'm a Hillbilly Redneck !!!
  13. You and I certainly have! All in fun.
  14. Game over, not even respectable. No need to be religiously or racially out of bounds.
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