Caught my first brown today

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Cole L, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Measured in at about 22". The fish gods were on my side today

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  2. Congrats! Nice fish, I haven't touched one of that size in a long time.
  3. Good job !!
  4. Congrats! Browns are such a beautiful trout.
  5. Nice one, especially for a first!
  6. That's a beauty, and this is coming from one who lives where they are native born and bred. What a great first brownie, congratulations!

  7. Very cool... one of "life's firsts" that will go into permanent memory.
  8. Not only your first brown, but a very nice one indeed!
  9. Whaddjagettimon?
  10. size 16 chromie 18ft down
  11. With a first fish like that, it is all down-hill from here.:)
    Congrats, great fish!
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  12. You're doomed. Now you'll expect them all to be that large.
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  13. Good luck topping that! Sweet fish!
  14. So true. My first fish caught on a fly was a very large rainbow. It was a very long time until I caught another of that size.

    But we all could be wrong, you know.

  15. Congrats!

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  16. welcome to The Brown Club

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