CDA river tomorrow... with the boys

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  1. Well, it's a late start to the summer, but I'm finally going to give the Cda river a shot.

    I'm taking only 2 of my 4 kids (my older boys - 12 and 10 yrs) camping for 4 days, hopefully, hopefully ... to get them "hooked on the fly rod". In years past, they were so caught up with how many snakes and frogs they could hold in their hands at one time, that the fishing was left up to me. Or of course, see if they would sleep with us in our trailer.

    Note to environmentalists: All snakes and frogs eventually made it out of the trailer unharmed. :rolleyes:

    But I digress...

    This year I hope to get them intrigued with the fly rod. I used to put a cast-a-bubble on their spin rods, and let them catch fish by swinging a fly, or drifting one down a riffle. It worked, but it's past time to get them use to a fly rod. I have two 7' - 3 and 4wt rods, which if they manage to get them broken, I'm out a whole whopping $120 total. Believe me, this is not too far from that possible scenario, as they (at some point I'm sure) will re-enact the famous Light Saber battle between Luke Skywaker and Darth Vader.

    Wish me luck!

    P.S. Darth Vader won that first battle, and Luke lost his Saber right? I just want to make sure I give the "more expensive rod", to the one who eventually plays Darth.
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  2. actually, luke lost his hand with that saber. but lets just hope the rod is all that goes if anything. have fun!
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  3. watch out for the tubers. oh and Moose. if you hike in an area that's remote.
  4. Well Dave I hope to see you and your boys out there. I know if I see two young men swinging fly rods like light sabers its you.:) And I will say high as I land all the fish you will miss while you watch this battle play out, while you are telling them to be care full.:cool: But I hope it works I have a six year old that I just bought a ross journey out fit for, her birth day is sunday, I'm taking my fishing trip saturday.:) So you will have to let me know how it goes and really best of luck I hope they come to enjoy it, my son is twelve and isn't into it really. But all joking a side the six year old girl even goes out side and practices, so she makes up for it!!! also if you find any good spots to take someone of that age on the cda love to hear about it. I am thinking I will take her to the steam boat pond out that way.
  5. Well, the fishing was okay. Everywhere I went, even when I went waaaay up past the pavement, over yonder, across the fields... people fishing.

    I think it was the first time I thought the fly fishers out numbered the tubers! :eek:
  6. I might agree between finding a open spot and the tubers the fishing was great for me. I didn't see you Dave or at least I didn't see any one with two young boys or I would have said hi. Hope they enjoyed them selves.
  7. We camped up by the landing strip, by the ranger station. Something to note as well, it is the year over the beavers! In one mile of water (if that) there was 7 beaver dams!

    I actually forgot the extra fly reels...:confused: But the boys didn't mind. Between riding their bikes, catching frogs and snakes, they were in their element.

    Next weekend, I tackle taking all four... by myself. I want to hit a lake maybe, somewhere I can rent a rowboat so the little ones can fish. I just don't know where, any suggestions?

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