Cedar, almost over for 2013... what's your biggest?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Here's the first fish I caught this year on the see-dur, had to find my camera. I stopped taking pics of them cause they rarely hold still for a water shot and I usually fish alone so no third person shots, I landed quite a few that were just as fat. I think the waters too slow to effectively strip streamers by now, I took a break from salmon to try a few days ago with no success, but I did have a lot of fish on crawdad patterns earlier in the summer DSCN2719.JPG DSCN2720.JPG .
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  2. Beautiful fish and beautiful fly!
  3. SWEET fly pat! i plan on getting into fishing some crawdad patterns for trout this year during the molting period.
  4. Is that a DH II?
  5. I'll have to send some of my best yer way buuuudy
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  6. no just the SR 4wt switch, great for mending
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  7. i have the same rod, 275 skagit short goes zing
  8. The question of whether some of the larger fish in that system are ocean or lake run is interesting. My guess is that many of them do move around a bit in search of more food. Jim's and Seattletee's fish pictured look a bit like steelhead simply because the heads are smallish relative to the bodies when compared to most rainbows that spend their whole lives in moving water.
  9. The Cedar River residents share genetics with the summer run steelhead, WDFW has confirmed this. Most agree that residents have a small percentage that go anadromous, and anadromous have a small percentage that stay resident. It all makes sense from a proliferation and survival standpoint. No way of really knowing if these big guys are anadromous or resident, could be either one.

    WDFW opened the Cedar because the speculation was the resident rainbow population had caused the steelhead returns to curve back down - a curve that went up when it was closed for over a decade. During this time studies showed the resident rainbow population had rebounded. So, via poaching and fish handling they hoped the C&R fishery would "trim down". That's my understanding, anyway... it seems to have worked with re to the resident population. I have not seen recent numbers on returns and how this fishery affected the curve for steelhead.
  10. I caught this fish my first time ever fishing the Cedar - just after the opening, sad thing is I haven't got a chance to fish there since...[​IMG]

  11. Beautiful Lake run bad boy.
  12. Great colors on that one. And what an intro to the urban trout scene on the cedar. It may feel a little dirty at times, but nothing keeps a trout bum going through the work week like popping in for a few and hooking up with such memorable fish in the middle of the city.
  13. After looking at some of the pics in this thread, I'm going to have to give the Cedar a try next year.:)
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  14. I got a 16" on a stonefly this year. It was my first time nymphing the Cedar.
  15. Man, those are some pretty rainbows! Most of the bows (probably cutbows) I catch look sickly compared to those.
  16. Just started fishing it about a month ago. I'm still learning the river and how to access it and did not yet catch any of the big guys. I plan on fishing it heavily from the start of the season next year.

    btw, nice pics to all who posted. Those are some impressive fish! Way to go!
  17. 18" on a small rusty hairs ear
  18. Careful wading in early June! :)
  19. No kidding....I almost met the maker a few seasons back when testing some water I had been fishing previous years. Now I go by flows to gauge when I will actually step in....that river changes so much in a year.
    If you are dying to go at the opener, hit me up. I fish a lot of private access land that I have worked out, and early on there is some incredible high stick nymphing in one boulder area I spend most of June in, and wading isn't needed to hit a bunch of great holes. Jim's Cedar Stone is a weapon of mass destruction during that period with the grade and depth of those holes. I mostly fish alone, but would love company anytime.

  20. Tinman - Would love to Ceder with you next year. I skipped this year entirely after overdoing it last summer. I also got mildly obsessed with learning lake and salt fishing.

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