Cedar, almost over for 2013... what's your biggest?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Same 18 inch fish from a trash strewn donut hole on two different occasions, fat as could be, second time was 30 seconds after a tuber floated over. Season aint over yet, those greedy lake cutts like chasing up after the sockeye, some of whom typically are already in river in August
  2. 3 17-18" bows on a Royal Wulff, but didn't have much luck with that fly this year. Got a 16" last night on a hopper after getting a few looks at a #8 orange stimulator, decided to try the hopper and it hit hard on the 2nd cast. The Cedar's a fun river if you can find a place away from the trash. Somehow the trash finds you, though.
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  3. Here are a couple little Cedar guys for y'all......yep, I do like trout fishing. IC Big Bow.jpg IC Bow shot.jpg IC Cedar Bow.jpg IC Cedar Pig.jpg IC cedarbow.jpg IC release.jpg IC Self Shot.jpg
  4. 24" on a nightcrawler using 20lb test and a big red and white bobber ;)
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  5. geez mingo, blowin it up with those. I see a crowded cedar next year:). People will fly in from all over and skip the yak all together. But seriously those are some of the best I've seen in hand, I've gotten glimpses, but no more 5x for me next year.
  6. At least 3 of the 7 are the same fish. Oh, but those are beautiful shots of Cedar hogs!
  7. Oh! I think I've read your license plate # on 911 once or twice. ;)
  8. I've never fished the Cedar. But I'm loving this thread and I understand a cougar was spotted out there this year. Sounds too cool to pass up for next year. I HAVE fished Pass lake. I don't think it currently lives up to it's reputation. Just going by the fishing reports over the last couple of years. My biggest there were a bow and brown both about eighteen inches. All dinks otherwise. I have seen tangles of mono with bobbers and Eagle Claw Baitholders wadded up on branches and shrubs. I've also heard stories of guys going out there at night to poach the bigger fish. I know the Cedar is also plagued by this.
  9. Never heard that about Pass, but I did run off a bobber fisher on Sunday. I had over a twenty fish day with bows avg 16" and a few browns in the mix. If a dink is a 13" fish, ya I landed one that small.
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  10. Nice. It probably has more to do with my aversion to still water. I bob around trolling what are suppose to be the right streamers and sometimes nymph the good looking bank spots. When bugs are floating around I cast to risers that are usually very small. And the action has never been hot for me. Maybe I just don't know how to do it or maybe it's because I fish like a bored child on still water due to lack of enthusiasm.
  11. Still water in general is a different ball game, some love it, others like me fish the still for variety and like moving water better. Pass Lake has a pretty steep learning curve. I've been fishing it for a long time and only this year feel like I have the rainbows pretty dialed in, so I don't get bored... I'm trying now to get the browns figured out and to really nail down a consistent minnow pattern.

    (I can hijack the the thread if I started it, right? Lol)
  12. Thanks. But no need to worry about crowds. Those fish were all taken from the lower river, down below the Boeing bridge that leads from the 737 factory to the Renton airport. They destroyed all the great deepwater holding areas down there years ago with bulldozers in the interest of "flood control". All the old pilings, brush, overhanging trees, everything that created the deep swirls and eddies that held those huge trout were all ripped out and ugly, sterile riprap was placed along the west bank where the trout used to hold. Spots that used to be 5 feet deep in August are now 8" riffles. Such a shame they could do that with impunity and destroy such prime water on an urban trout stream. Of course, we know there is no real effort to enforce poaching and protect the Cedar as well. It has become a poacher's playground, another reason why the thick-bodied trout of 6 years ago are now snakey and typically much smaller. If the WDFW wanted to protect it, they would outlaw poacher's tools and catch-and-kill for "non trout" species. That spot is Gone With The Wind. Such a fucking shame.

    Here are a few more from back in the glory days....... ICbow1.jpg ICCedarcutt.jpg ICcutty.jpg ICdouble0.jpg
  13. I fished pass 2 times this year. Both were pretty good days. 7 trout each day with the smallest being 18". I have not had anything like the pictures from the cedar this year. This was my first year getting into the cedar river heavily. I went with James most of the time. Next year is hopefully the year that i see some of these fish.

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