Cedar Report, and first post.....and "one that got away" story.......

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    Hi folks!

    I have been a long time lurker and finally decided to join and say hi! I am down in Renton and frequent the Cedar and the forks of the Sno. I have been dabbling with fly fishing for 20 years or so, and am mainly a nymph man.
    I went down to the Cedar today to one of my old favorite spots and decided to try it early before the inner-tubes start coming through. I haven't been out this year because I have been back in school, so I was digging through my pack and could only find 3x tapered leaders from my last trip up north, or some fragile 7x tapered leaders from a small spring creek I was fishing with a 2 weight last year. I put the 7x on figuring I would be chasing all the little rainbow left after the poachers hit these pools pretty hard.
    I was on the water at about 7:30 am, trying for some surface action with a para-adams. There was no surface activity, so I put on a stonefly and a prince nymph dropper, which is a usual combination I do well with on the Cedar. I made a couple casts into a run behind a pile of rocks, trying to rediscover my ability to get a good dead drift after such a long break from fishing. A feisty 15" bow hammered the prince nymph on my second cast through the softwater on the near side of the current seam. It felt good, and I could have been satisfied for the day being back on the water and brought a great fish to hand.

    Then the "one that got away" happened. After releasing that fish, I repositioned and aimed to cast into the main part of the run....I dropped the nymphs in the pocket behind the rock and threw an upstream mend in my line.....it was a beautiful drag free drift. About ten feet into the drift and just as I was patting myself on the back for achieving a great cast, it hit like a freight train and took off up stream. The bows fins and tail flared as it bolted past me, and I got a great view of a gnarly old rainbow....huge fins.....deep colors. I scrambled up stream to keep up, and as soon as it hit the fast 3ft deep water above the run, I raised my rod tip to slow it down.....just as I did that, I thought..."oh crap....7x leader!" Simultaneously as I thought that, it turned sideways and flared all of its fins, showing that spectacular color again and cleaned the end of my line off. I stood there taking inventory of my hat..glasses...etc..and feeling like I had just gotten in a fist fight, all shaky and adrenaline.

    I let the nerves settle and then re-rigged. I got one more nice fish out of that hole, and then moved on. The rest of the morning was great, but nothing as big as the three in that pool. I had a great morning though, with 7 or 8 more fish ranging from 8-12 inches. I covered one of my favorite stretches and lost a crap load of nymphs in the trees, logs, and who knows where else they snagged.

    They were really hammering the #12 bead head prince nymph with rubber legs. I got one bigger bow on the #8 yellow stonefly, caught two and probably lost 4 on a #14 copper John.....and caught two on a #10 bead head pheasant tail flash back.
    It was an outstanding morning in the water. Sorry, no great pictures, but I did snap a pic with my phone of one of the little guys....I try not to pull them out of the water, but I had to with this guy because he tangled me all around some sticks...I don't usually risk pulling my phone out in the water either, but figured I should take a pic while we I was standing there fish in hand. This is the typical fish I am used to finding in these holes.
    Anyhow, I have gone on long enough.


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    Good report. Glad you had a good time fishing.
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    One of the better first reports I've read here. At least you won't get hazed here, unlike some other leading forums I frequent.
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    Awesome. Nymphing is really something I want to start learning to get good at.
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    The dry fly fishing from 5 am to 7 am has been outstanding!
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    Great report! You've got me motivated to try my luck on the Cedar for the first time...
  8. Stew McLeod aka BigMac

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    Really? I gave up the mornings on the Cedar years ago due to a lack of productivity for me. You chucking large flies?


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    Thanks guys! Sounds like I may have just missed the good dry fly window, as I was in the water after 7:00. I might drop in there tomorrow at 5:00 for a bit before work and see if I can make anything happen. It's hard for me to keep a dry on when I know I can usually produce fish nymphing, but I really want to get better with drys to be a more well rounded fisherman....just gotta put the time in though.
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    I frequent the cedar around the maple valley area and have found these past couple days have been great for drys. I always fish evenings (due to my schedule) and right about an hour before dark the fish start becoming very active. Ill through a small like size 8 terrestrial pattern, so I can see, and then a small caddis trailer. Catch alot of the 6-10 inches and the occasional 17.
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    PMDS/Hopper Dropper