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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Will Carnaghi, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Will Carnaghi

    Will Carnaghi Member

    stepped into the water at 8:00 this morning near landsburg. overcast, drizzling, 60F. found a long gravely bend to wade all morning, everywhere else was runnin too high still. couple small mayflies coming off, no rises yet. started out nymphing but switched to streamers - downstream swings made them really slam a purple bunny leech and brown bugger. 3 fish, all rainbows, biggest @ 13''. The last hook up with one literally almost yanked the rod out of my hand - biggest trout i've ever felt, couldn't get him to surface and he slipped the hook quickly. great opener this morning , just hard to find a lot of wadeable water. DB
  2. Canedawg

    Canedawg Member

    I went up and checked it out not to far from Renton and decided to not even try fishing. Unless you can find a long gravel bar you are risking your life. It is really ripping along. I saw two people trying to fish it,and they were having a very difficult time trying to wade. If you are going to try, be very careful. You are really taking your life into your hands. It needs to drop at least 350 to 450 cfs before I try fishing the Cedar.
  3. damn. i rode my bike up there yesterday to check it out. high and fast. i know i wont fish it for awhile. glad you caught some fish though. be carefull out there
  4. Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith Active Member

    If you wade you are probably stepping right where the fish want to hold during runoff! Try funny sidearm casts/daps from the trees, and sneak big stonefly nymphs into some fish faces.
  5. Will Carnaghi

    Will Carnaghi Member

    it was pretty sneaky wading through some ankle deep water, no fish holding there, i'm pretty sure they were right where i was catching them...
  6. SteelieD

    SteelieD Non Member

  7. spanishfly

    spanishfly Steelberg

    I fished the Cedar last evening. Water was high but gin clear and not “treacherous”. I was able to cross in a couple different sections. Started out with a double nymph rig and found the smaller bug such as a caddis larvae produced more takes. The bigger bugs didn’t produce. Right before it got dark the action picked up. There were a few different hatches coming off and the fish were rising everywhere. Caddis (different colors and styles) Mayflies (Parachute adams) PMDs they all produced.
  8. I fished the Cedar upstream of the Golf Course. Caught a few bows (biggest @ 12") on beadheads and adams. The water wasn't too high, but fast in sections making a drift fairly short lived. Bugs started hatching right at 4, when it was time for me to leave.
  9. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'

    i fished the cedar outside the mouth last night and killed em! my buddy caught big fish of the night, 21" bow that i lost at the boat:) he's still pissed..
  10. wadin' boot

    wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

    The Cedar flows changed markedly over the weekend suggesting water release from Chester Morse Dam was altered for the opener. See the graph on this link. Flows are now below normal means for this time of year.
  11. spanishfly

    spanishfly Steelberg

    Did you roll anybody? :rofl:
  12. Browntrout

    Browntrout New Member

    Been on the Cedar for about 20 hours the past couple days...water level is going down a bit and the clarity is perfect. Bit slow for the bruisers...hooked four and only got to pet one of them. Wish I was there right now. Fish on.
  13. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'

    haa ha, i dont fish THE cedar, but i did fish some water that came from the cedar, that place has bad juju for me as you know bro:) glad my friend has a motor boat! lake washington is pretty cool.
  14. Mingo

    Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

    Jeff don't worry bro, I have that scumbag who took a swing at you on the Cedar on the RUN.......the boys are on his trail and they'll have him in cuffs soon so no worries!!! You literally scared the shit out of him with your "Crane" pose and that Chuck Norris roundhouse!! the Cedar is getting cleaned UP! :rofl::rofl:
  15. Danielocean

    Danielocean Steelhead Virgin

    Hey guys, I am new to this way of life so please do not throw a rock at me for asking this question. When I read a report for a river such as the Yakima, and I look at the part of the report that shows the types of bugs that are hatching, can I use that as a basic reference for what kind of flies to bring to the cedar river?
  16. CovingtonFly

    CovingtonFly B.O.H.I.C.A. bend over here it comes again

    Danielocean, the bugs are probably gonna be different from the Yakima to the Cedar. Generally I think the hatches are different from river to river and especially so with the Cedar and the Yakattack being on different sides of the state.
    I like to fish streamers on the Cedar. I've also used a yellow sally late in summer.
    I'm probably one of the worst guys trying to identify bugs and match the hatch.
  17. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'

    fish a mayfly for dry, prince or hares ear for sub surface and rabbit for meat!
  18. Stew McLeod

    Stew McLeod aka BigMac

    Blue Wing Olives have always done me well on the Cedar ... so have EHC

  19. Dave Montgomery

    Dave Montgomery Banned or Parked

    I fished the Cedar last night.. Had plenty of fish on a size 18 baconfly, but had to upsize to a size 14 moosesack to catch anything over 14 inches.

    I'll be back on the water tomorrow. Water is nice now, nearly perfect.
  20. Reelucky

    Reelucky New Member

    Interesting reports. I plan on being there Thurs.the 11th with a bud. I have always had luck there fishing the oddest way. No deaddrift but a big stone nymph with rubber legs and holding it in the current moving it back and forth under structure. Nails them every time. Completely unnatural. Doesn't seem to work anywhere else.

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