Cedar River 6/18 (PM) - Dry Flies

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jason Baker, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member

    Ian and I had a great evening up high on the Cedar! We nymphed until 1/2 hour before dusk and caught 5-6 Bows from 8 to 14 inches and then switched to dries. What a frenzy ensued! Can you say stone flies? We each landed around a 1/2 dozen bows in the next 1 1/2 hours until we couldn't see our dries (size 8 to 10 yellow stimulators) anymore. Ian caught a stone on my shoulder; I attached the pics. You don't have to wonder why yellow stones produce on this river.! I also included some prime Cedar fish porn....

    All in all, I fished about the Cedar for about 11 hours Saturday and caught around 20 fish (Ok, some were pretty small, but fish none the less).

    Deep pools are producing by nymph in the day and dry at night. Fun river!

    Old Man: That smile was just for you! ;)

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  2. Mingo

    Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

    great report and pics Jason............you are doing better than I am dude! Be careful with the miner's lamp in Black Diamond, if you're spotted with it out there, they may put you to work!
  3. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Thank's for the smile. You said that you fished until you couldn't see your flies anymore. Well you should of read the regs on the Cedar.It has a night closure. I hope you don't get caught.

  4. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member

    Couldn't see my flies, as in dark, as in night. Does night begin at some certain time? The regs define night closure as follows:

    Night Closure

    When a night-closure is in effect, fishing is closed from one hour after offical sunset to one hour before official sunrise.

    Here's the 2005 Seattle Offical Sunrise and Sunset table:

    Date * . * Time Zone * * * Sunrise * * * * Sunset * *
    Jan 01 * PST 7:53 AM 4:29 PM
    Feb 01 * PST 7:32 AM 5:10 PM
    Mar 01 * PST 6:46 AM 5:54 PM
    Mar 20 * PST 6:09 AM 6:21 PM
    Apr 01 * PST 5:45 AM 6:37 PM
    May 01 * PDT 5:51 AM 8:18 PM
    Jun 01 * PDT 5:16 AM 8:55 PM
    Jun 21 * PDT 5:13 AM 9:06 PM
    Jul 01 * PDT 5:17 AM 9:05 PM
    Aug 01 * PDT 5:48 AM 8:39 PM
    Sep 01 * PDT 6:27 AM 7:46 PM
    Sep 22 * PDT 6:55 AM 7:04 PM
    Oct 01 * PDT 7:07 AM 6:46 PM
    Nov 01 * PST 6:51 AM 4:50 PM
    Dec 01 * PST 7:33 AM 4:20 PM
    Dec 21 * PST 7:50 AM 4:21 PM

    So, you can fish until around 10 PM this time of year and be legal. Unfortunately, we couldn't see past around 9:25 PM, so we were drinking coffee by 10 PM.

    Moral to the story, CHECK YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU JUDGE.

    Maybe your the one who needs to smile more?
  5. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I wasn't judging. I was mearly pointing out the fact that a night closure was in effect. To me dark is dark. I'm not that much a fanatic on fishing.

    And don't bother to smile anymore. I liked the frown better. :p

  6. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member

    By saying "I hope you don't get caught", you implied some sort of wrong doing. You were incorrect. If you are going to follow the law, first you need to know it. I suggest you become more familiar with the regs before you start making statements that imply illegal activity.

    And I enjoy enjoy fishing immensively. If that makes me a fanatic, thanks for the compliment. :beathead:
  7. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Why is it when anybody makes a comment. You(JB) have to make something out of it. I was just pointing out what the regs said. I don't give a RATS ASS how in the hell you fish or when or how. It seems that when ever you have something to say you rag on about it. Can't you just let it lay.

  8. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member

    My point was that YOU don't know the regs. I made a post about a good time fishing and YOU suggested that I was engaging in illegal activities. Now, you critique me for correcting you and educating you on the regs.

    Old Man, I obviously am going to clear up a point that suggested I was breaking the law. Come on, who wouldn't?

    Now drink some coffee, soak up some sun, and cheer up. I already fought traffic, put on my best sportscoat, and am diligently working for the man. That oughta make you feel great.....

  9. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant

  10. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member


    I am going to do the Mike Tyson on this one. Old Man is too tough of a swinger for me!
  11. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant

    Not the ear! Gaaack! :eek:

    BTW, nice fishies :thumb:
  12. ray helaers

    ray helaers New Member

    Jeez Jason, I thought Old Man was just trying to give you a heads up. Lighten up a little, bro, and try to give us old cranks a break, if not some respect (you'll be one of us soon enough). Nobody was accusing you of anything. I was going to hold my tongue (fingers?), but if this is the way you're going to be about it, I do have to point out a couple of those those boys look like pretty snakey post-spawners to me.
  13. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Thank you, Ray.

  14. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member

    You guys are a trip. I make a post about a great day and to share some info about the river.

    Old Man says, "I hope you don't get caught." How do you get "caught" unless you are doing something illegal. That's not a heads up Ray; but rather a pretty serious statement that I took care in correcting.

    Now, something about snakey post spawners? They sure hammered those dries for weak, disabled fish.

    Gents, stop criticizing ever way folks fish, get out and catch some of your own, and post a few pics to show your incredible prowess. This armchair quarterback, pundit BS really makes me sick.

    I understand that you've been fishing FOREVER and that you fish far more beautifully, respectfully, and honestly than I could ever hope to aspire to, but really, give a guy a break.

    Ray, please share the technique that will allow me to circumvent these pitiful fish I am cursed in catching. I am looking for the BIG, HEALTHY, VIBRANT BOWS that you'd be catching. Was your comment in some way saying I targeted post-spawn bows? I have no frickin' idea what you were getting at.

    I am really starting to wonder how this site became such a gathering place for the bitter, better than most, holier than thou fly-fishing retirement club.

    I look forward to seeing you two extremely concerned environmentalists on July 10th for the clean-up. I know you woudn't miss an opportunity to make a difference.

  15. Backyard

    Backyard SANCHO!

  16. ray helaers

    ray helaers New Member

    So much for respect. Jeez dude, maybe a little less coffee?

    If you have no idea what I was getting at, why jump down my throat? But since you ask, the very simple technique I would use if I was catching post-spawn snakes (provided I was paying attention and gave a damn) would be to stop fishing. It's actually a very old idea; I'm surprized you couldn't figure it out on your own. Maybe read some Haig-Brown.

    But whatever, I don't even mean it. I mostly just thought you'd gone off the deep end with Old Man, so I thought I'd poke a little fun at bragging about fish obviously too skinny for their length. Sorry it made you sick.

    Don't worry; I'm sure you could outfish me, kick my ass, and steal my wife all on the same day. As far as concerned environmentalism goes, I'm just a do-nothing complainer; ask anybody.
  17. Willie Bodger

    Willie Bodger Still, nothing clever to say...

    Sorry, Roper, I think the Round 4 girl beats the Round 3 girl... ;)

  18. Mike McCluskey

    Mike McCluskey Macker of the Clan Campbell

    Ray and Old Man......get off the crosses, we need the wood....
  19. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Why don't you all just take a big bite out of me :mad: . Ray excluded.

    Of all the info I have given out here on places to fish when and where and I make one little comment on a thing in the regs and you would think that this whole place has gone to hell. Well no more mister nice guy. All my places to go will stay with me until I die.

  20. Whitey

    Whitey Active Member

    classic! (laughing my head off)

    No disrespect to anyone, but both camps have valid points. Those fish are snakey as hell, but who cares, I thought the state wants to thin the herd anyway, so I hope those sorry fish get the 10% mortality rate and die! But why pick on this guy, I mean come on now, I could pick apart photos all day long. BTW, have you seen a dentist this decade or what? whatever, its all fun and games till somebody gets their eye poked out. Dudes, heres an idea, Don't take photos, don't take a camema, Are you looking for validation from dudes that to be honest, you don't know, or care about, or them care about you? seriously, get a grip!

    Jim, a note from the peanut gallery, You totally get on your high horse about the regs, I think 1250 posts of your 6 zillion posts are about the regs. Come on now jimmy, do you ever really fish? Instead of Old Man, is should be something like, "Captain Reg's" or "I bitch about the regs, but I can't even thread my line, you think I can read?"

    Let the blows continue, this post has been brought to you from the fine makers of "YT's a douche", for all your douche needs.

    play on......

    YT(laughing histerically) :beer2:
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