Cedar River public parking

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by james.jimenez, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. James,

    I agree it was a great day and next time i hope i wont catch as many underwater trees.
  2. Hey next time you guys are heading out to the Cedar let me know. It would be fun to meet some new people.
  3. Daniel

    I will definitely let you know when we head out there again.
  4. Thanks man.
  5. I always tell people if you're not losing flies on the Cedar, you're not fishin' it right. Sounds like you are.
  6. JUST BUMPING THIS TO SEE WHO'S GOING HERE THIS WEEKEND??? I heard on the radio a portion of the river was now closed to floaters and swimmers... Does anyone have any info on if this p effecting wade fishing??
  7. Must be a logjam or other serious hazard. Wonder if someone died. It gets people regularly.

    Probly no effect on wading, just floating (or swimming!?)
  8. I may be heading out that way tomorrow!!!
  9. Hey James thanks for letting me know. I am waiting for my new 4 wt rod to get hear now but please keep me in mind for the future.
  10. Who's heading out tomorrow?????
  11. I will be on the cedar tomorrow!!

  12. Dang dude, your killing me. I am still waiting for all of my gear to get in the mail. I made a pretty big order.
  13. I made a "random" stop at cedar creek with the wife over the long weekend. It was her first time fly fishing and she caught 3. No pictures because she freaked out when the fish squirmed in her hand and let it fall out. Largest was about 10"-11" and the other two were around 6". We were using a double nymph with a size 16 as the dropper.


    I i saw a bunch of people jumping off of the bridge this time i guess its not as un common as we thought.

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