Cedar Today...Glad To Home In One Piece

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by shadowcast, Jul 20, 2013.

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    Everything started good. Caught 5 of the usual 10" bows with my usual zero luck down deep. 3 deer came right up to the bank and watched me fish for 20min or so before I waived goodbye. It was probably deer being deer, but they seemed really spooky. Kept that in mind for some reason...

    All downhill from there. Snags galore, tree tangles, etc. Was changing patterns when before I know it a large dog is charging me, growling, full tilt. I growled, kicked rocks, and reluctantly it ran off. This time it brought its shepherd buddy, and now I have two charging me. Damn near wet myself because I neither saw nor heard any human/owner, so I pulled my knife and prepared for the worst. Scared them off again (somehow), when I finally hear the owners calling. Rounded the bend, fished a flat, when I suddenly see a big dog 75yds upstream. Double take...Wait, too big for a dog and too muscular for a deer. So I get a closer look....Mountain lion, starring me down. Backed slowly away and got the hell of out there.

    So I guess my questions are:

    1. Have you or anyone you know seen a mountain lion, bear, etc. on the Cedar?
    2. What's the best personal defense device to protect against wildlife in the rare event you're attacked? Looking for something that's formidable, but also won't have me facing charges, sued, or result in unnecessary harm.

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    I encountered a Cougar once when I was 17. I made myself appear larger. Worked out great. We've been married 30 years now. She's not quite as spry now, so I've been going hiking again. I love wildlife. Hope this helps.
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    At 5'4 120lbs, I hope I don't have to rely on that exclusively lol. The ML would have laughed its ass off. Had the dogs intended on actually attacking, I'd be mince meat. I'd like to think I scared them, but I think they just wanted their hole back lol.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot about the dog part of the story. For me that would have been miserable. Scary. I got problems with hissing cats, let alone snarling dogs. I really don't like the snarling part. Did I tell you about my cougar? Wow, talk about some snarling.
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    By the way, did you know these posts show up on Google searches? I was looking to buy some waders so I typed in "waders" on Google and it linked to a problem I had with wedding arrangements on this site. I was mortified. So if you know anything about erasing my life from Google, please advise.

    In the meantime, I publicly state for the record that she is only 5 weeks older and I am in a state of constant domestic bliss. And really glad we can use fake names here.
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    10mm everything goes Kaboom!
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    I've seen cats in the area-up by Liberty high school, before some of the larger properties were developed into housing plats. There's still a heap of woods around the Maple Hills area (etc.) so they're still there.
    Look at how much undeveloped land is in the area and it's easy to see how a cat could get by on farm chickens, yappy dogs-outside cats, what have you. You can't go outside into the wilds, and not expect to see wild things.
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    I would consider myself very, very lucky to have seen a mountain lion and move on. Man is a natural enemy. Those deer had reason to be spooked.
  9. Danielocean Steelhead Virgin

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    The answer to number 2 is a hand gun. Make sure you know how to use it too. I can not advocate enough that if you are going to carry a weapon you must be educated in how to use it safely. Carrying a firearm is a very very big responsibility that a lot of gun owners disregard. So, with that in mind it is very important to carry at least a 357 magnum. A .40 S&W cartridge can do the job on a mountain lion but not anything bigger like a bear. However, you get into a squable with a bear I highly suggest bear spray. Not to many gun owners can place a perfect shot under stress when a bear is coming after you at full speed. You would not get in trouble if a mountain lion clearly attacked you and you had to defend yourself with lethal force. Also, you do not know what kind of person the owner was of those dogs.
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    My parents live above the Cedar and I played, fished, rafted it often growing up. Every once in a blue moon, we'd have deer in our backyard. But, since all us kids have grown up and moved away... the place is quieter. And now, my parents report black bear, coyote, raccoons, and deer galore.
    Last weekend my brother was beating the trail we used to take down the ravine to the cedar when he startled a 5pt buck!! Haven't seen cats, but then you rarely do... but they're still there.
    Best defense: make lots of noise so they know you're coming... which it sounds like you were doing. If the two events were close in proximity, I'd guess the dogs were agitated because they could smell a cougar in the area and were just sorting you out?
    I'll always bring my CCW w/me (as ICHI and Daniel mentioned), but it wouldn't do much good against a surprise cat attack, so when/if that happens, I'm covering my neck and rolling up into a ball—or, if I have time, tying a bottle rocket to the cat's tail and then lighting it...
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  11. Stew McLeod aka BigMac

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    Can you share where on the Cedar you were?

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    Thanks, guys.

    I was about 1/4-1/2 mile upstream of the Cedar Grove bridge, where the river bends away from MV highway.

    The dog incident and the ML were about 300 ft apart. Something from on high was telling me my day was over at that point lol. The funny thing is that the dogs scared me more than the ML, especially since I assumed they were either aggressive strays or owned by characters out of Deliverance--either way, bad for me. The latter point may have still been correct; the owners didn't seem to care that I had just been charged. I don't have any experience with dogs, but the growling/snarling sure fooled me. But I do have some experience with big and small cats. In fact, it was the type of movement that sent my alarm bells off before I even got a closer look.
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    I don't fish the Cedar, so I haven't seen anything there. The usual recommendations on this and other internet forums for personal defense weapons are hilarious in their impracticality and lack of effectiveness. Mostly recommended are a variety of hand guns of all sizes and calibers. The impractical part is that in a personal defense situation, a mountain lion will have the element of surprise. If you see it first, and at a distance, it's unlikely to attack. Generally the same with bears. You are likely to have a maximum of 2 seconds, and possibly less, to draw, aim, and fire a kill shot at a rapidly moving target. Almost no one can do this, but I'm impressed with the number of internet posters who think they can.

    Dogs that might attack usually announce their presence and intentions in advance. I haven't been threatened by dogs while fishing, but while cycling I've been chased by dogs. Dogs like to chase. Until I give them a shot of mace. Works great; it's small and light, and far easier to carry than a 1911 or .44 magnum in the fishing vest or waders.

  14. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    I will never hesitate to mace a dog if its chasing me on my bike. I've done it right in front of the dog's owner a few times, and never looked back. In fact, I need to get some more mace. I plan to stock up on a variety of "dispensers."
    I try to never let the dog win. Its become a personal vendetta. I don't go looking for it, and most dogs like me, and i like most dogs, but I would not hesitate to kill a dog that was attacking me. In fact, I think any uncontrolled dog which attacks a human should be put down. If the irresponsible dog owner makes an issue about it, I'll threaten to press charges of reckless endangerment for allowing a vicious beast to wander uncontrolled and threaten to sue his sorry ass. The onus is on the dog owner, not the attack victim.

    In fact, I'm currently shopping for a new fixed blade knife, with a long blade, to wear on my belt while fishing. Don't really like the ones I now have for this purpose. My folding knife is too slow to open with only one hand, and the blade isn't all that long. A solid wading staff with a carbide tip might be a good defense against marauding dogs, too.
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    I usually carry bear spray with me to the Cedar, but for some reason, not to the Snoqualmie. A firearm seams a bit heavy and clumsy to take fishing, and I couldn't imagine doing that anywhere but Alaska (even though I know it wouldn't really help up there).
  16. Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

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    I take a .50 with me just in case a feral cat tries to get into my personal space..
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    Wow. I have fish right there about 7 times this year. I usually fish in the evening time have seen deer but nothing else. I do hear noise in the bushes just figure it's deer. Well I guess I'm going to carry my .45 now when I go there. What time were u there at.

    Thanks Mark
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    I carry beer spray. Quicker to deploy if wearing hip waders. Chest waders take longer, and there's the possibility of a messy misfire.
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    Had the dog encounter about 4:30p, and saw the ML a half hour later.
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    Would bears and ML's prefer Alaskan Amber or Pyramid ;), just kidding.

    But yeah...I've decided on bear spray too after doing the reading. Much as I'd like the peace of mind a firearm brings, I don't think I could have deployed one fast enough under great stress. I would have needed A LOT of practice and training. Sure wouldn't mind being with someone who could though! I guess that's another answer to my question: the buddy system.
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