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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Nick Clayton, May 5, 2013.

  1. I've been a pack a day cigg smoker for the past 7 years or so. I've half heartedly tried to quit a few times, but never really gave it much effort. Well 4 weeks + 1 day ago, my son and I were just pulling up to our driveway when he broke down and started balling. He told me that he wanted me to quit smoking so bad. He cried and cried, telling me that he didn't want his dad to die when his mother wasn't around for him. He kept saying I was the only one who he had, and if I died he would have nothing. Wow. What a moment in a father's life. Talk about heart broken. The thought that my personal choices were upsetting my son that drastically really hit home. I went in the house, threw the last of my ciggs away, and have gone cold turkey since then.

    Today marks 4 weeks since my first full day without a smoke. It was tough at first, especially the first two weeks, but it has gotten slightly easier every day. Up until this point I haven't gone fishing at all since I've stopped, so I've been wondering how hard it would be to be on the water without smoking. Well my wife had to work today, so my 11 year old and I got our gear ready last night with the plan to head up to Cady this morning. Well at the last second Ethan decided he would rather go fish our favorite lake that's close to home, so we headed north instead.

    We pulled into the parking lot about 8:00 to find 5 other rigs already there. This is fairly crowded for this lake, though I wasn't too surprised considering the fine weather. We got out on the water, fishing from about 8:30 till 12 or so when Ethan decided it was time to head in. During that time we managed about 10 fish to the boat, LDR'd a few others, and Ethan missed several fish on his indicator. He was enjoying watching the eagle and osprey flying around, and had a hard time focusing on his bobber.

    Didn't seem to be much in the way of insect activity. Saw a few midges here and there, and the odd mayfly, but nothing much happening. Fishing was far from hot, but we were able to find them using various techniques. We picked up a few fish trolling leeches, got a couple on micro leeches under an indicator, and I did my best stripping a small white bugger with a red head on an intermediate line while Ethan watched his bobber. After hooking 3 quick fish after switching to the bugger, I rigged Ethan up with my last remaining white bunny leech and hung that a foot or so off the bottom. He picked up one, and missed several takes on this setup.

    Around 12 or so Ethan decided it was time to call it a day and I didn't want to argue with him. I had so thoroughly enjoyed our time together that I was quite content to head home early. Largest fish was 17" rainbow I picked up on a bugger, and Ethan landed a nice 15-16" cutthroat later on. The rest were 11-14" and fiesty. Weather like this reminds me how lucky we are to live where we do. Being able to spend quality time on the water with my best fishing partner reminds me how lucky I am to be alive. And as Ethan was quite fond of reminding me, he didn't have to have a single bit of smoke blown his way. It's a great day to be alive and healthy.

    Now to spend the rest of the day tying flies and looking forward to our next adventure. 2013-05-05_12-05-24_690.jpg 2013-05-05_11-59-31_378.jpg 2013-05-05_10-53-20_924.jpg
  2. Nice report Nick! I mean both the smoking and the fish. My son said the same thing to me 24 years ago. It was tough thing to do. Now if I could take care of the food demon in my life. Wish you the best. Enjoy the time with your son, as they grow quickly.
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  3. Good for your son to tell you how he feels. Well done sir! I wish you the best in your non smoking future.
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  4. Screw the fishing report, you did the biggest thing in your life: you listened to your son who was really scared and took care of his fear. Very, very well done, THAT is parenting. It is also good that you know there are situations, places and/or people that may trigger the impulse or urge to use nicotine. (there is an old adage in dealing with addictions to stuff including tobacco: "when the health returns, the liar revives"). The urge or a situation for trying tobacco will likely return, but if you continue to be aware and KNOW what your response is going to be, you'll manage it. Quitting nicotine (tobacco) is one of the hardest dependencies to deal with, it ain't always simple and easy. I speak from experience, both personal and professional. Again, well done dad.
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  5. Nice report and great job on quitting the smokes. Now the only smoke you'll be smelling is your reel drag when a big silver goes crazy on you this summer.
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  6. Dude, not that it bothered me that much when we fished together but congrats hard core! Now I only hope it doesn't somehow mess with your fish catching mojo. Oh shoot it just hit me, what if it makes you even more likely to catch more fish, crap, I better watch out.
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  7. Nick, That is awesome. Hearing these messages in a heartfelt way from our kids is powerful !
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  8. Great to hear Nick! Congratulations and what a great way to celebrate. You have the tough part done now and a great fishing partner.
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  9. Now to spend the rest of the day my long life tying flies and looking forward to our next adventure.

    There, I fixed it for ya.

    Congratulations. Fix that date in your mind and know that if you wake up each morning having gotten through another day without tobacco, you've succeeded once again.

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  10. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone. This has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but oh so worth it. My son crosses off each day on his calendar, and each Sunday as another week passes he thanks me quite sincerely. Its a great feeling. I can definitely notice an improvement in my overall health, and the savings on the wallet is awesome too!
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  11. If it makes it any easier, don't quit for ever. Just quit for today. Most of us can stay off cigs for a day. When you get the urge to have one don't fight it, rather put it off til tomorrow.
  12. Great job with quitting Nick. If your favorite lake begins with a T, jus wondering how you got your boat down to the launch?
  13. Lol Fair question, Rob. One I get asked just about every time I show up.

    My pram is 10' aluminum that weighs 120 lbs. I put it in the back of my truck and just slide it right down. Going back up, well that's not quite so simple.... that's where I really appreciate not having smoke filled lungs!

    Its a workout, but other than huffing and puffing I don't have much difficulty
  14. Awesome story, you have gained many karma points and grats on chucking the cigs. It's these moments we have in life that are pivotal! Way to go Nick!
  15. Outstanding, Nick. Your son is obviously thrilled. Kudos!
  16. The other upside to quitting smoking: you won't smell like an old, smelly ash tray anymore but you will smell the other old, smelly ash trays around you.
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  17. Yeah I have definitely noticed that. Especially the last few days. Last night at my son's little league game there was a couple smoking way down at the other end of the field in the parking lot. I was on the bleachers behind home plate and the smell was just brutal. Amazing how much more sensitive I am becoming to it.
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  18. Way to go Nick, that's hard work there and in the long run lots of extra cash and longevity. Your kid and his lungs will thank you too...
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  19. Excellent job quitting smoking. My Mom, though a a very good athlete, smoked for nearly 50 years and died at 66, twenty years earlier than her mother or either grand mother, due to lung cancer. Glad that your son got you to give them up.
  20. I bet all the money saved would buy a nice new rod for your son (and maybe one for you too)
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