celebrities who fly fish

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  1. Mike, Yes you are a celebrity in FRIGGIN UTARD !!!!
  2. I think you should call her up and offer free lessons!!!:thumb:
  3. Don Johnson
    Woody Harelson
    Tom Selleck
    Craig T. Nelson (coach)
  4. Did he get a fly rod made out of hemp?
  5. Kevin, remember never to low hole snoop, he'll put a cap in yoazzz. ;)
  6. Hey
    Here is a good site

    I believe Larry Csonk could be on the list.
    And as much as I hate to admit it Tred Barta.
    I'm watching versus right now and he is giving one of his
    Barta talks, what a pompus freak.
  7. I once heard that John Travolta fly fishes, and owns a big piece of property near Santa Barbara that has a creek with a steelhead run.

  8. Sandra Day O'conner. Was seen fishing the St. Joe in Idaho a year or two ago.
  9. Whos giving Huey Lewis props?
  10. Barry Pepper
  11. Ted Turner kinda flyfishes !! He lets other people catch them then he poses with the fish !! He is so cool !!!
  12. whenever Knight gets skunked, he throws a chair at his guide and slaps the shit out of him in front of his family.
  13. Audrey Bradshaw likes spey rods. She gets plus points!! She was diggin' my 7141.
  14. so what is she, Csonka's woman, secretary, daughter, niece????
  15. Mark few is not only a fly fisherman, but also a very serious and proficient angler.
  16. Id pay to see that.
  17. I believe she's his wife.

  18. They arent married, but have been together for like 20 years.

    I got to hang out with them for about 8 days......Very Cool people.
  19. Mark O'Meara of the PGA Tour once confessed that fly fishing was becoming a problem for him as he had just counted his fly rods and discovered he had broken the one hundred mark. Apparently he had lost count.
  20. Bruce Willis owns a large chunk of property somewhere near Spirit Lake,ID and is know to fly fish quite a bit on the lake. As for John Travolta his sister lives here in PostFalls and as funny as it sounds she is quite a good fly fisher.

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