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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by rotato, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. I bought a used center console with a stereo installed
    I was watching my compass and it was not swinging when I changed direction
    So I opened the door of the console which has a speaker mounted in it and the compass came back to life
    Two things : now I have two ugly jig saw holes to repair and need to move speaks outboard and I realize nearly everyone with stereo speakers in their center console has a non functioning compass
    Not that anyone knows how to read one anymore

    Has anyone experienced this?

    I also realized that I ran the whole summer with a patch of barnacles that were hiding behind the bunks on the trailer...I m a dumbass

  2. You can get some inexpensive magnetically shielded speakers at West Marine. Maybe they'll fit the same hole. If you still have some deviation you can get someone to come out and "swing" your compass and give you a table of the deviation.
  3. Thanks Patrick
    Good call
  4. Wow! Flash back to sea scouts. We did a swing every year. Went all the way up into Canada with nothing more than a compass, sounder and a chart. No electronic navigation what so ever.
  5. Yankee Clipper?
  6. Naw, I was on the cool ship. ARGO.
  7. I was in regular boy scouts so all the sea scouts were cool, you had girls.
  8. Yes I did.;)
  9. I actually work on the two sea scout boats in Tacoma
    I was fifty feet up the mast of the odyssey last week
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  10. You mean we could of got lost.
  11. the Odyssey is a beautiful craft!
  12. Yeah the oddity is pretty sweet
    The Nevins yard where it was built was arguably the best yard in the thirties and forties
    They had there own bronze foundry on site and made all there own castings

    Where was the Argo based?
  13. Seattle Nate
  14. Bellevue/Kirkland. We got moved around by the nimby's. Bellevue's inner harbor. Kirkland, just south of the marina. Under the East channel bridge before the new one. Waterway 18 while they built the new one. Then back under the bridge. rich people didn't like us driving down their street. Then we got the dock at Clyde beach park in Bellevue. Boat gets vandalized more there than anywhere else.

    Had to let he old boat go about ten years ago. Ended up with the Challengers motorboat. I don't know how they do long cruises. The old boat had seventeen berths. This one maybe nine.
  15. Hey Jeff you should check out the new seascout base in tacoma it's pretty cool
  16. I thought Jeff had elk!

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