Centerpin 101

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  1. February 13th, 2010 - Centerpin Fishing 101
    Centerpin fishing has been around for a long time. Recently it’s been gaining very rapidly in popularity. It is not fly fishing, rather it is float fishing with long rods and single action reels (that have ZERO drag). You may have seen a few people around throwing these strange looking tools on a local river.

    The bottom line is that Centerpin fishing is extremely effective and fun. If you’ve acquired the gear, but don’t have the knowledge this class is for you. Or if you want to try before you buy, sign up today.

    -Class size is limited to 8 people.

    -Cost $50

    -Equipment can be provided upon request

    -Saturday Feb. 13th.
  2. where is the class going to be located? Thanks
  3. also what time???
  4. much respect anil. keep up the recruiting to the dark side.
  5. Kirk, I believe it is going to be held on the green river and the time has yet to be determind.
  6. Problem is pinners fish a lot of the same water we like and they don't move through a run the just release more line. Don't get me wrong they are deadly, but i hop you are also teaching ethics along with the pinner casting?
  7. We were planning on it since we both started flyfishing many years ago and have now added a new tool. Pinners that let out more line lose more fish, every rod has a zone it can handle.

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