Centerpin rod/reel fly fishing.

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  1. Finally, and with the joyful assistence of a close 'on-line buddy, got my hands of a new centerpin rod and reel. Prior a couple of days ago the only 'way' I've seen one was in pictures.

    Still a 99% 'fluff chucker,' but do want to 'swing' dead drifted fly(s) under the float. Anyone out there done this before? Ask as I normally use a 2-hander, and can consistantly cast/fish into the 120' range. Problem with that is, save for the Deschutes below Max Canyon, you're (for all practical situations) in/out of the 'far off' holding water in seconds. Rest is just the swing back to the beach you're standing on.


    An 'ok thing' if fish holding water crosses the entire run. But it occurs to me that holding in that far off run is exactly what a center pin rig is all about.


  2. I ordered one last week. I have been spending a lot of time in BC, lots of them up there. You can fish a flote and fly with them!
  3. I have never done the centerpin thingy yet as I told myself I would become a proficient two-hand caster first before going off on another hobby. But I have looked into rods and reels and watched some video. You may be surprised how many big-name fly dudes are doing it in secret.
  4. Is this what "they" mean by 'coming out of the closet?'bawling:bawling: :hmmm: Found an interesting web posting covering the 'ordering of split shot, types of floats to use over them, etc. The crappy part was I couldn't get the pdf document to print!:beathead:

    And I thought the drift gear guys had a lot of ways of 'doing things' with lead; child's play!

  5. I don't know about that but I know a few fly shop owners and even fly fishing reps that would never pick up conventional gear rods but seem to have succombed to the latest "dark side" technique. I predict that centerpinning will be in the future what Spey fishing was in early 2000s and fly fishing was in the mid 90s.
  6. I prefer fly fishing.

    Go Sox,
  7. take a spinning rod, open the bail let a bobber drift as far as you want, thats centerpinning
  8. So do I, but I think BDD's got it nailed. Centerpin fishing has been around in the UK/Europe for a ton of years, and has really taken off in the Eastern US rivers. Here at your door step soon? "PM" you're such a 'spoil sport;' what WOULD WE DO without 'new toys???'

    As "they" would say: "Watch this space."
  9. Don't forget BC. They have been 'pinning up there with pink worms for decades or more.

    Didn't the famous RHB use a center pin outfit at times? He probably brought the concept over from England.
  10. as always you are way off.
  11. Pinning has quite a bit more to it than what AKPM claims...with that said, this will be my second year fishing with CPs for steelhead and salmon and I absolutley love it. Once you get the hang of it, you wont regret buying one.
  12. theres a sick centerpin set up on craigslist sporting section, g loomis imx with an okuma reel id for around 200 bucks id get it but unfortunatly i dont wanna waste my time learning how to fish with it and then never fish with it when i move. check it out.
  13. I blame the nymphers. If we lose Evans to the pinners we're all screwed. I'll probably have to sell my Fred Evans special out of principle. This whole thread is outrageous. Dogs and cats living together........

    Go Sox,
  14. LOL

    Yes you can swing with a float. I see guys do it all the time steelhead fishing up in BC. Do a nice dead drift until it gets to the outer range, than pinch and let it swing. They are usually the guys that catch fish too! ;)
  15. They are a great tool for water a spey can't fish. If you have both tools in your pocket or boat you will be deadly. Good luck, if you have question on casting pm me or buy the centerpin secret video.
  16. Fred, I had better NOT catch you "tipping" your "flies" with shrimp....LOL
  17. Ok, now that we're all coming out of the gear closet. I have 2 CP combos. Sage 3106L and 3113M rods, both with Islander pin reels. I still suck at casting them but am getting a lot better with practice. I fish in BC a lot and last year on the Vedder a couple of local pinners felt sorry for me and gave me some very good casting instructions. Fly gear will always be my choice for trout and floating line steelhead and salmon. But for the deep runs and the far seams I think a pin is the way for me to fish it. Sure is a lot easier on my trashed shoulders than ripping skagits.
  19. btw the there is nothing sick about this setup due to the fact that the rod is only 8 1/2 feet. schwag nuggets
  20. 8 1/2ft is way short, I feel that my 10 1/2ft Gl3 is too short....but thats after I picked up the 15ft GLX, I could own runs with that thing on big water.

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