Centerpin rod/reel fly fishing.

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  1. Bingo! See my first problem (short/little line out/direction sucks) with my 'casts.' GREAT INFO ABOVE!

  2. Learning to cast a center pin, at least in my opinion, is really not very difficult. It just takes a little practice. Check this out: .
  3. checkout the float fishing section on . go back in the archives and check out the information there. and if u have any questions the pinheads will help you out.
  4. Andrewl and others, that video is rediculous. Try this one, it is basicly what I was explaining. I have never is 30 years of using centerpins seen anyone cast like that guy on the video Andrew posted., Too funny.
  5. The wallis is a most to know but there are two others you should learn as well. The bc style cast and the spinning side cast. Never learn the side cast unless you plan on using braided lines. A good pin fisherman can do a spinning side cast for days with never stopping to correct line twist. It is when a guy gets lazy and does not spin the reel enough that you will get twist. You will need these casts for fishing out of a boat and or during bank fishing. Just like in fly fishing you most over come and be deversed. Also like fly fishing the pull down is just a haul to get the reel to release line. For distance I often double haul if you will the line and really create more spin to the reel. There are lots of sites now showing quick videos on the how to of casting. As you will see if you want distance you need to practice and play with these cast and try new things to get distance. When I started there was not one video that showed a cast over 20 ft. I have a river that I guide on that I need to get out just alittle father and did not want to brake out the spinning reel. Good luck
  6. this thread is like a bad coin.

    Go Sox,
  7. Yea, I need help too. I can't cast worth a hell, but it is fun

    Spey pinning is da BomB

  8. Why did you move the reel forward? the rod you are using is designed for a centerpin with reel back further than the levelwind position. Reason for this is so that you can keep the reel rubbing on your baby finger ( brake control) while casting and fighting fish.
  9. iagree

  10. Wow! This thread could get interesting! I suppose that there are a number of ways in which one might cast using a center pin. I suppose that it's never too late for old dogs to learn new tricks.
  11. now that is funny.... your not the first or last.
  12. Uh, Actually it is a CND 13' spey rod. If you put the reel where you say, it is unbalanced as hell, and you cannot use your forearm for leverage, and your wrist would get beat up.
  13. Nah, spey trolling is da BOMB

  14. I run Loomis rods or raven with sliding rings and run my reels as far forward as I can. The reel towards the butt is old school. With it way forwad you get more rod control, with casting and while fighting fish. I also stick the butt near my gut or hip on long rods to relax my arm. Really good leverage with your forearm while fighting fish.
    Tallflyguy if you come up this way pm me and I can meet up and bring some rods for you to cast.
  15. Count me as another who decided to make a commitment to centerpinning. The Islander reel is already ordered and I'll be placing an order for a 13' Loomis (model STR1563GLX) centerpin rod in January. By the way, I found the new "Center-pin Secrets" DVD by Frank Amato Publications to be useful.
  16. "Wow! This thread could get interesting! I suppose that there are a number of ways in which one might cast using a center pin. I suppose that it's never too late for old dogs to learn new tricks.

    Exactly! And I've 'killed' close to an hour watching all the video; gad there are a lot of them if you want to take the time.
  17. Rather lost as to you and Charles would be of this opinion. If you're not interested in the thread, why are you following same, let alone posting to it? Just wondering, just wondering .....
  18. Jake is this open to other members from the board? I wouldn't mind meeting up at PSFC to learn how to cast a pin rod.
  19. Stay tuned. We'll be doing a class in January.

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