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  1. candr Daryl

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    It's not flyfishing but.... I've been flyfishing since I was 5 years old - never really gear fished at all. Most guys I fish with (at least the good steelhead flyfishers) have a solid gear background - it helps that they read water really well based on the gear experience.
    I've been fishing a two handed rod for about 10 years now and I love swinging a fly. There is lots of water that is best fished dead drift and I've never really got into indicator fishing with a single hand or spey rod for steelhead. I grew up on Vancouver Island and my family fished centerpins for steelhead pretty much exclusively and I do like the tradition and history of centerpin fishing for steelhead on the west coast. Sooooo I just bought a Gloomis centerpin rod and an Islander (IS) reel and all of the gear I will need to get started. I plan on tying my own jigs/nymphs/globugs etc. I will probably carry both a spey and my pin rod on some days and swing through a run and then go through at the end with the pin rod. Some water I would only run through with the centerpin if it doesn't lend itself to the swing.
    I think I am doing this backwards (going from fly to gear) but I'm interested in thoughts on pinning as opposed to beads under an indicator on a spey rod etc (and if anyone else is thinking of going this route or has gone this route - I would love some tips).
  2. Dolly Bull New Member

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    I started fishing a center pin this year and love it. I carry my two handed and my pin everywhere I go. Indicator fishing with a two handed seems weird to me. I have had my best Steelhead year ever and most of those fish were on a center pin.
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    If you want to present a vertical, drag-free presentation in the best way possible, do it with a pin. If you want to catch fish with an indicator and fat line, you're doing it just to say you're "flyfishing" and presenting in an inferior way.
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  4. nutsack angler newb

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    There are some instances where using a fly line to "bobber fish" can be more productive than a single action pin reel because you can cover more water faster especially on the go in a boat. That's why some guides love it because they can have their clients keep a fixed amount of line out according to their ability and just row them into fish.

    Fish however you please but it makes WAY more sense to get a pin over a spey/fly line/indicator rig to fish beads, especially if you've already gone as far as considering it. On the other hand if you want to stick close to your fly fishing roots you can always build a pin rod out of a spey blank- best of both worlds!
  5. PfleugerPhister Active Member

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    I've not yet built a pin rod out of a spey blank, been leary since I'm not sure the butt sections are rigid enough. I do like a slightly faster rod with suptle tip for pin fishing and I've been concerned about the spey tapers being more on the moderate end of things. One benefit of spey blanks is for travel though, most pin blanks are 2 or 3 piece, a bitch to try and travel with. A 4 piece spey blank will still make it into carry-on status
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    have you seen some of the noodle rods they use in the great lakes? Most spey rods would be perfect for pin rods.
  7. candr Daryl

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    I did a little research after I bought the gloomis pin rod and noticed a lot of great lakes guys are now using spey rod blanks for their rods. The rod I bought is a 13' 2 piece which will be tough to travel with aside from taking it in the sled. In hindsight I should have went with a 3 piece spey blank.
  8. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    Pins, beads, guides.

    I'd rather flyfish for fish that I earn.

    Of course, I have a hot wife too, 'cuz I chose not to go hoggin'.

    Best of luck with the 2 PM crew.

    Go Sox,
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    Wouldn't this thread be better suited for iFish than here? Whats next, plunking spin and glos off a T-tip/running line combo? Jeez...
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  10. rory Go Outside

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    Isn't there a forum for gear guys?
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  11. Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

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    Who cares where the thread is... here, there, the moon. I took up center pining this year because I found nymphing for steelhead a miserable way to fish all that flinging and rollcasting and flogging the water just wasn't for me. I can cast my center pin and run a drift with about 1/10th the effort and now I have a passion second only to swinging flies on my two-hander.

    I also got the 13' 8-12 GLX center pin rod and I would agree that it's kind of a pain to tote around but I make do and it really is a nice way to spend a day.
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  12. candr Daryl

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    Yup - almost a gear thread. Except I'd rather dead drift a reel with no drag and a fly that I tied than a spey rod with a "speydicator" line and a strike indicator. Oh yeah and the fight using mono will probably be a lot better than having the fish drag around 550 grains. Been flyfishing my whole life but I guess I'm now a gear snob.

    Thanks for the input from the guys that add value to the conversation.
  13. constructeur Active Member

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    I kinda want to take an Allen blank and do up a CP rod. Then epoxy the motherfucker to the front door of Orvis. Ha!
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  14. Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

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    Hehehe, after reading this thread I went and contemplated the same thing on the 12" 5wt blank :D
  15. PfleugerPhister Active Member

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    Isn't there a forum for man sex too? Still brings you here to add nothing.
    Haters gon' hate
  16. shawn k Member

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    And side drifting glo-bugs and beads under an indicator is fly-fishing.
  17. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    Rory you still fish less?
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  18. TallFlyGuy Adipossessed!

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    Hey Candr, Its all good. I do like some mention... I swing the swinging water and then hit the small slots and areas where I cannot swing a fly with a pin or a bobber and jig. I have found the centerpin really shines in water that is real slow and "froggy". With the spinning reel, You can hit a slot behind a rock 90ft away. With a pin that would be hella hard (at least for me). I prefer to pin/jig than to use a bobber on a fly rod and then call it "flyfishing". I guess it is comparable to guys I see in the fly only water with their spinning reels trying to "flyfish".
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    I fish up north and before I got into flyfishing and then the spey I fished a pin for awhile...but for me, the gear just got boring..even with a pin....

    I remember a good bud who works at M&Y up your way telling a young guy who came in and wanted to "Flyfish for steelhead"...He asked if the guy had caught any on gear? When the kid said "No'...He told him.."Go catch as many as you can and when you get bored and want something else to challenge you, come back and see me"....
    I think this gets missed a lot, especially around here...
    I fish how I fish because I enjoy and revel in the challenge it brings..slowly I'm finding I'm actually catching a fair number of them again and it's because of the skill of learning the fly...and that makes it even sweeter...

    I had a pin rod built off a spey blank...It's not a big deal and this one is years old....Gloomis pin rods and lamiglass are very nice, I thought the sage ones were too much and kind of heavy...but again that was a few years back...

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  20. Robert Engleheart Robert

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    I bought a rod for the grandkids to use as a "Pinner". A "Buzz Ramsey" Air model by Berkely(sp?). 11' noodle action. With 8# line, a clear float w/ red nail polish and a 3" berkley Powerbait worm, my grandson hooked and lost one of the biggest Trinity steelhead I've ever seen last April. Chrome 12#'er. He was heartbroken. Nice action, about $80. Have a 9' medium action (8-12#) casting rod in the same brand/series set up to troll mini hotshots and weewarts for trout for the GKids, it's sweet.