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    Whats worse a a pinner or a tenkara addict?
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    i love these doctrinal threads. it's like reading the new testament. heretics come in, the pharisees go on the offensive, insults are hurled. then the heretics gather and validate their progressive heresies with the weak-minded masses, while the pharisees plot and built anti-beading websites. when will there be an official trial before the sanhedrin? i'm excited for the exorcisms to begin!
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  4. candr Daryl

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    Golfman - that's a sweet rod - Is that a Milner reel? He's a BC reel-building legend, particularly if you want a reel with bushings. I swing flies with guys who started out swinging spoons or fishing jigs and one thing I've learned is that they usually don't just fish the bar side of the run - if they can run a fly through the seam on the high bank side they usually do and they get a lot of fish on the fly in what is often considered gear water.
    Cool that a lot of guys are fishing this way as it really is a traditional west coast way to fish for steelhead particularly on the island rivers that are short, deep, and fast. Looking forward to giving it a try.
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    To take this further down the path of heresy, what advantage would I get from a centerpin rod over using a baitcaster to free-spool while using braided line?
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    you get to buy more way cool fishing gear!!!!
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    Shit, sorry fellahs. Guess I misunderstood what WFF stood for. Never been good with acronyms...

    Carry on.
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    Pin rod, spey rod, singlehander, gear rod...just tools, kids. Tools to connect you to the fish (if that is the important part of your experience) or the river.

    No need to get all weird when someone trots out the trotting reel...if you want to fish single-action stuff near the bottom on a dead-drift, there isn't a better way than a pin setup. I have a few custom-rolled Loomis drift rods and a hardy centerpin reel, but I don't fish 'em that much any more - after the first thousand fish or so, gear fishing gets a little old (at least for me). I much prefer the tight-line take now, and I groove on the casting portion of spey is fulfilling in a way that merely pulling fish out of a hole isn't. But, if you NEED to catch fish (or learn where they live (emphatic nodding at highbrow tweedbags)), pin rods are pretty damn efficient tools at getting you all the way to the fish.

    Fish what you want, how you want. Better yet, ask the fish what they prefer.

    Bet you get some different answers there, and a little less acrimony.
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    In all truth someone who is good with a bait caster can get the same action that one could get with a center pin.
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    The biggest difference between the Steelhead section of WFF and the New Testament is that it is actually possible to devine the will of God from the Steelhead sub-forum.

    I propose an Inquisition--far more effective than exorcisms.

    May God have mercy on your souls.
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    glory and amen brother. but i will say that the new testament is more cogent than it gets credit for.
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    We've all ready been there, this is just another fishing side show on WFF. no harm done
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    I have decided the haters aren't worthy of knowing any pin secrets. If anyone would like to have a discussion about the merits of the mighty pin or different methodology, shoot me a message and maybe I can learn a thing or two as well. Pin fishing is the bees knees and I'm certain any of you haters have not felt the intensity of a mid-teens steelhead taking off with no drag as the handles tear into your knuckles. You can keep that carbor fiber disc drag reel.

    Haters gon hate
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  14. Robert Engleheart Robert

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    It ain't hate, brother, it's just not flyfishing. I learned to fish steelhead with gear; old pre-war Pfleuger Supreme that scalded the $#!+ outta my thumb on those Northern Oregon coastal winter-run fish, so I can imagine a center-pin reel. BTW my reel's drag is set just tight enough to prevent overrun.
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    I don't think anyone said it was flyfishing, but neither is using a big ass indicator with lots of split shot on a fly rod. Both are gear fishing in my eyes. I would just rather use a center pin than nymph in the nymph water.
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  16. Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

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    I concur.
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    ditto gear with a fly rod is still fishing gear..

    That is a milner and I have an angspec as well..they are locked away in my closet in the mancave...the rods are up on the wall getting dusty..

    Pins are true knucklebusters...and the drift you can get with them is better then any other gear reel as there is no others who have been there know...after awhile, the challenge isn't really there anymore...

    I know guys who have fished longer then most of you have been alive, guys who catch more steelhead in a season, hell in a week then 90% on here have in their life times...and they fish gear and we've had talks and they can't understand why I choose the fly? They've asked me..."Don't you like catching fish"? Of course I do, that's why I'm out there....but for me, the fly presented more of a challenge, eventually that became more of a connection not only to the fish but to the history of fishing with the fly and spey rod....

    You can find skill in your different mixes of can tie your own jigs....but my satisfaction came from tying my own flies and actually catching steelhead with them...there are many stages and skill sets that come with fishing a fly...from dryline to sinktips, from intruders to classic's...That journey is what makes flyfishing so much more to me then gear fishing...not better...not above brain is just wired for progressing through each stage..and each stage is very exciting to me....That's something I didn't get with here I am..

    I will say this...I would rather fish next to a skilled fisherman with a pin rod then a guy using a fly rod and bobber...If you don't understand that then I don't think you've spent enough time on the water...
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    Figging: (verb) - the practice of spouting fundamentalist beliefs, derived from the acronym (Fundamentalism Is Good.)

    (verb) - Figging is a sexual practice involving the insertion of a prepared "finger" of ginger root or even pepper into the anus.

    Mmmmm figging.
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  19. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    I don't care one bit either way but you say all that about finding skill in different aspects and then end it by contradicting yourself and take away any credibility to someone who doesn't approach things with your view. Just funny the stigma nymphing carries with people that don't understand it.... Just like a gear guy who doesn't "get" swinging flies. Not every gear guy is a poaching redneck, not every fly line/bobber guy is a dirtbag and not every swinger is a pretentious tweed I do know that.

    I tie my own nymphs and paint my own beads just the same as I tie hair wings or intruders. With specific attention to detail. My yarnies are probably more tech than a lot of classic hair wings honestly. I build my leaders to specific circumstance there is purpose to every inch. Even my indicators/bobbers and the way I rig them are tuned in. Reading water and having a handle on line control is paramount. Lobbing a bobber and jig and high sticking mono or braid over the swirling currents and feeding line (while still requiring skill) is nothing compared to managing 50 feet of flyline draped across the river. It's as easy or as tech as you make it. (isn't that fishing in general?)

    I nymph with a fly rod on certain waters that suit the technique and at times I find it enjoyable. Just the same as I swing flies and I approach both with the same thought and intensity. And when it all comes together its a pretty deadly technique on everything that swims our rivers. And can be a real blast. I could get a pin or float rod and fish a broader array of water types with greater ease of efficiency but why would I do that? I enjoy the challenge of fishing the fly.

    Having said that I haven't nymphed in months. Starting to sound fun....

    Center pins look fun although i can't justify buying one and the appropraite tackle to fish it when I know full well I won't make the time to fish it enough. There already seems to be too few hours in the day. Summers are eating dry flies right now anyways I find myself even looking at gear guys like they're crazy lol

    It's all a matter of perspective I guess.
  20. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    Whenever someone starts a gear based thread here I have a hard time figuring out if they are trolling or just too stupid to post it on an appropriate bulletin board. The only thing more baffling is people getting their panties in a bunch when the post is not recieved well. My 5 yr old daughter has thicker skin than many of the adults around.

    I haven't busted out a flyrod since April. In that time I've fished for lingcod/ cabezon, jigged for kings in the Salt, and trolled for Sockeye. I had many questions about what I was doing and whether I was doing it right. I didn't at any point think," You know where I can get that information?....WFF!"

    Summerun trips are coming up soon though so I'll be back engaged in my favorite activity. Well at least my favorite that takes place standing up. If I have flyfishing questions, I will come here.

    Go Sox,
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