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  1. I don't get all this bitchin, people post weather reports, form football pools & the longest running post on this forum is about Penn State & joe and the boys lack of morales. And all that shit was no big deal But mention a centerpin and oh boy !!!
  2. I'm waiting for the wolves attack angler because he was using a centerpin thread....
  3. this is spot on. ostensibly, the motive for posts trying to shout this topic out of existence is that it's not fly fishing and this is a fly fishing forum. but you don't find those posts from those people on threads about photoshopping bobo or joe paterno or wolves or guns, blah blah. it looks more like good old fashioned priggery. yes the logic makes sense - it's washington fly fishing, but as that logic obviously is not applied rigidly or universally, why get uptight about it selectively? just skip the threads you aren't interested in and let chris scoones be the judge of what belongs on his site.
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  4. I was out fishing with my buddy, and he started to talk about women parts or something like that. I told him to shut the hell up cuz we are only allowed to talk about fly fishing while we are fly fishing.
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  5. First rule about fly fishing is you do not talk about fly fishing while not fly fishing.
    Second rule about fly fishing is you only talk about fly fishing while fly fishing.
    Third rule about fly fishing is only one fly at a time
    Fourth rule about fly fishing is you will false cast as long as you have to.
    Fifth rule about fly fishing is to take yourself way to seriously
  6. i don't remember any of those from the curtis creek manifesto, was there an ammendment?
  7. Why I said that is exactly the response I expect from this site..You haven't fished behind skilled centerpinners but you can come up with this Sean?
    That said, this is not an attack or assault like so many on here...A skilled C.P. doesn't splash the water and will normally not be fishing water I am targeting...not always..but normally...skilled gear guy for that matter as well...
    To me that means the fish see the usual egg's etc. that most unskilled guys have bouncing off the bottom versus a skilled guy short floating his presentation...versus me who is swinging and offering something completely different...

    No huge mystery but I love how you guys read so much into everything...

    It's like the Dean thread...someone will score you more fish..but they don't!!! Period...those fish will take drys without almost no vis. but you won't know that till you've fished or talked to the guys who have for a few seasons....

    So there you go...I'll leave turns this back to all the wff experts again..

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