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  1. Ira and I got out over the weekend to see what was happening in the shallows of some mixed-species and warmwater lakes. Found some consistent action on yellow perch and smallies. Nothing huge, unless you count Moby Perch that inhaled Ira's leech on Friday evening.

    The big excitement was the Budweiser pillow case we hauled off the bottom the lake around a pile of submerged boulders that looked like smallmouth territory. In twenty years of fly fishing, I've only caught one of these:

  2. Man, that would go PERFECT with my comforter! Now...how to convince the wife to go for it....
  3. I thought for sure you'd be a PBR guy.........
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  4. Nice catch
  5. Well man, "You've said it all".
  6. Lucky!
  7. Hey, that matches the intact six pack of Bud I once caught with a deeply fished fly in a lake. Ron
  8. You deserve a sticker.
  9. That was quite a trip!

    We originally planned to hit Grimes but as we were driving by Lenore we started talking about some of the other lakes in the area and Park came up and then last second we said what the heck, let's give it a try.

    We launched at the South end and then looked for the edge of the shoal and the deep water. The lake dropped quick into 40 + feet of water, but it didn't take us long to start moving up into 20'-12'. We were trolling our full sinks just looking for potential takers and even though we would mark the occasional fish we didn't get bit until we moved up into about 8'. Once there trout hit a fish right away and even though we were hoping for trout, it ended up being a fairly nice perch. We locked that away in our heads and then moved out and anchored up in 15' all the way out to 25' of water but we never touched a fish. We were about to bail, but as we were trolling in I decided to steer the boat into the shallows again because I didn't fell like leaving the lake skunked. Once in the shallows I cut the engine and started to make some casts with my Aqualux and immediately started hooking up on perch. After that we anchored in shallow and proceeded to forget about trout and we just kept catching perch and the occasional Pumpkin Seed. We never left except to move around and explore some other areas of the lake.

    We did pick pick up two trout eventually, one recent fry plant (smallest goes to Ira!) and one 12" or so. We also found some niceish smallmouth right were you would expect to find them near rocks.

    I think our best bite of the day though came later when we marked fish in the 11' zone. That's were we started to pick up some nicer perch including the one leviathan I picked up.

    The real fun came on the way home though when I blew a trailer tire. Ask me about the strength a nylon strap.
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  10. I want to hit Blue lake right next door.
  11. I was on Blue Lake this past weekend as well. We stayed on the north end at Coulee Lodge Report (annual Dad/Kid trip)
    I got out Sunday and fished the drop off from my v-boat and hooked perch on almost every cast for about an hour or so. Nothing big but plenty of action. Got one small smallie too.
    Everything on a back/grey bugger stripping an intermediate line. Got a nice RB at Rocky that morning too.
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